R&B and Soul started out as slower romantic stuff that soon turned into fast beats and tempo. Evolving from blues, R&B set the platform for rock and roll. It’s a gentle tempo and drives of blues. However, the stress is on the songs than improvisation. R&B and Soul dominated the music scene from a long time ago. However, it’s got a brand new style with Jessica Domingo’s new album “Moonplay”. This album, launched in soundcloud is a combination of R&B and Soul and has a number of the amazing music tracks.

Jessica Domingo from Seattle, WA has stunned all her fans along with her spellbinding voice and wonderful tracks. The songs are a string of good blends of R&B and Soul with gorgeous consistency. The various styles of soul music featured on this album are proof that “Moonplay” is going to be an enormous hit. Jessica Domingo’s songs are accessible in soundcloud and each one of her fans and followers can hear the fantastically composed songs on her profile in the music-sharing website.

The songs are assortments of nice blends of R&B and Soul with beautiful blends. The beats and tunes are cool as well as pop style. The wonderfully set songs are a complete delight to the ears and one can play it often in soundcloud. Jessica Domingo is already making some great moves with her songs. Her list of fans and followers are going on elevating. There are literally dozens of sounds in the album, “Moonplay”. This is what makes it appear different from others and eventually leads to the success of the soulful tracks.

“Moonplay” has great connecting songs that play to influence fans to come to her profile. It is one of the great albums that have the potential to draw more and more fans to the album. So, all the fans of R&B must log on to soundcloud top listen to “Moonplay”.

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