The three members of the board will begin their role later this month when the next board meeting will take place

Chengdu, 2016 – Concept Mining, a lithium exploration and development company with a focus on becoming a low-cost supplier for the lithium battery industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Yang Hailiang, Qui Shi Baoguo and Bruno Chau Muquing to the Concept Mining Advisory Board.

Mr. Hailiang of is currently a managing partner in a capital investment company where he has been instrumental in establishing and developing relationships with high net worth individuals and organizations. Mr. Hailiang has been involved in business development and strategy of small cap companies for over 11 years. He has helped raise capital and create new opportunities for his clients.

Mr. Baoguo is a founder and principal of a Corporate and Securities Lawyers firm, a boutique securities and corporate finance firm located in Beijing. In addition, Mr. Baoguo currently serves as a director of a Mining Corporation. Baoguo has been a member of the Law Society of China and a member of the Beijing State Bar. Mr. Baoguo brings with him a wealth of securities and finance knowledge and will help advise Concept Mining on the best practices to move the company forward.

Mr. Muquing has been providing a range of investor awareness and advisory services for both public and private companies since 2000. Over the past 16 years, Mr. Muquing has acquired extensive market experience and built a strong network of investors and industry contacts. He has also served as a member on a number of boards of directors and has held officer positions at several public and private companies. Through his network and market expertise Mr. Muquing has facilitated capital raising efforts as well as successful asset acquisition and corporate development undertakings.

About Concept Mining
Concept Mining is a lithium exploration and development company with a focus on becoming a low-cost supplier for the lithium battery industry. The clear vision to focus on projects with simple operations with a lower cost structure has delivered rapid results and a strong company position. The firm is a multi-faceted miner with lithium exploration portfolio, and a mining services that delivers drilling, geophysical and project development services. With a range of select projects in production and in development, the company’s pipeline of sustainable and low capital mining operations ensures the company will continue to deliver shareholder value, profitability, liquidity and growth.