The Grade 5 students of Trio World Academy organized an Entrepreneur fair on the topic ‘Let’s Talk Business’ the fair helped the kids sell various items from greetings cards, handmade, crafts and so on.

The students of different grades were also invited to be part of the program; the students sold their goods and services to understand the practicality of economics.

The Entrepreneur Fair has taught the students to understand the practicality of a business from planning to execution and presenting the same to other students and teachers for the past six weeks.
The students utilized the platform to exhibit their talents, interests, skills and resources to the best of their ability. The students advertised through making visiting cards created unique and sold the goods or services for a small profit, to the rest of the school students .The profits made from this Entrepreneur Fair will be donated to ” Sparsha” a home for orphans and to ‘Mother Teresa’s Home” (for the aged).

The Entrepreneur Fair aided young minds to think beyond books and learn practical lessons which will help them develop their leadership skills and talent as they grow up. The students have learnt what a role of a businessman is and how they make use of innovative thoughts and creative concepts for the best of their ability.