There is definitely an increase in the number of people who are looking into car brokerage services to sell their cars, but due to busy days, many opt for car brokerage services that are always available. Taking this into consideration, SQ2Deal (pronounced as Squared Deal) has decided to launch a 24/7 car brokerage services in Chicago, Illinois just recently.

SQ2Deal is a start-up car brokerage service operated by 4187 Group, LLC. With SQ2Deal it is possible to make car selling easier. It is a partnership company operated by two friends who are both car enthusiasts. While the company is starting to create a name for itself in the online sphere, it doesn’t make it a noob when it comes to car buying and selling experience. The business partners have successfully helped car sellers and car buyers alike before they have even decided to put up SQ2Deal. Listing agents from the company are responsible for listing car sales on different car selling sites that have a number of buyers as well as good service backgrounds. The company handles the transactions with potential buyers as well as contacting them through email and phone calls. Setting the sales times for the buyers are also under the care of SQ2Deal based on the availability of both the seller and the buyer.

The increase in demand for car brokerage services has led to the decision of the company to make its services available 24/7 in order to cater the needs for their services by those who live in Chicago and neighboring areas. Through this, more and more people are being provided with hassle-free car brokerage services, which help them sell their cars at a higher value than when they do the selling alone or entrust it with another company.
SQ2Deals helps make it possible for sellers to sell their cars faster and even ensure them with safe transactions. Only buyers who are serious about buying the cars are being set for appointment with the sellers by the Listing Agents. This means that you will not waste your time meeting-up with tire kickers. With the services being available 24/7, transactions and meet-ups during the usual non-business times are also made possible. With this, you can sell car without worrying about not having enough free time due to your busy schedule.

What many sellers love about the company is how it protects them and puts their best interests first. It has no intention of letting their sellers face the buyers by themselves for their safety which is why they make sure that a Sales Partner will be there during meet-ups to finalize the transactions as well as ensure the safety of their customers. The Sales Partners are also responsible for making sure that the documents are complete and the payments are made in full.

Along with the launch of the 24/7 car brokerage services, the company has also made itself available 24/7, which makes it easier for sellers and buyers alike to contact them any time of the day and any day of the week. A mailing address as well as a phone number is provided in their website which customers can reach. So, if you are interested about selling your car at a higher value, visit their website at today!