Disrupting the way healthcare is delivered and experienced by people, Prescribez™, the digital health management platform for the entire family from ThingsMeet Solutions adds the new feature of providing ‘Health Tips’, to its fold of services.

Through Prescribez™ new feature ‘Health Tips’ users will receive regular instruction and information on different health related topics. The content for these health tips will be reviewed and examined by renowned Doctors associated with Prescribez™. Moreover, the Health Tips are provided based on current situation like for e.g. 22nd and 23rdSeptember where the focus of the content was on Dengue and “How to protect your family from Dengue”. On the occasion of World Heart Day, the focus was kept on “How to keep your Heart Rate Healthy”. The health tips will also be available on Prescribez™ website http://www.prescribez.com

Commenting of this Manish Bandil, COO, ThingsMeet Solutions said “We are trying to create a borderless health collaboration ecosystem. “Prescribez™ provides a consumer centric comprehensive, 360 degree view of health keeping consumer at the center of the ecosystem. With Prescribez Health Tips, we believe in providing meaningful and personalized health insights and hope to motivate people to adopt healthy lifestyle which can eliminate or delay the onset of lifestyle diseases.”

Creating multiple technology driven solutions, ThingsMeet Solutions aspires to expand access to healthcare, enhance the quality and improve health outcomes. Prescribez is a digital health platform which enables seamless collaboration between various players in the healthcare ecosystem.

About ThingsMeet Solutions:

ThingMeet Solutions is a tech-startup from Pune founded & conceptualized by Neeraj Joshi, Manish Bandil, Cherag Mehta and Jayant Kaduskar. With more than two decades of experience in healthcare and technology, the founders have deep passion to use technology, to help people manage their health better. With a firm belief in digital technology and internet of things, the founders aim to change the way healthcare is delivered and experienced by people. The company identifies problems in healthcare segment and develops products as solutions to expand access to care, enhance quality and improve health outcomes. ThingsMeet Solutions launched PrescribezTM a consumer centric healthcare app on Android in the first week of May 2016 and PrescribezTM Doc app for doctors in the last week of July 2016