Light window coverings can look charming and rustic at the same time but they can be hard to find. Unless, you are clueless about what Viewline Shades blinds are. And it can be said with confidence that the beautiful Viewline Shades blinds are sure to impress.

Whether it’s a dorm or a modern space with requirements for an affordable, easy to maintain window treatment, nothing is going to suit better than the window shades from Viewline Shades. They have grown popular due to the rustic appearance they create; also due to the variety of styles they are available in. It makes possible to even bring the Mediterranean look (complements a large range of country to traditional home decors); to be used alone or to dress up with valances or window scarves. They look fabulous under curtains; even the textured and coloured ones preserve the breezy style.

Viewline Shades create traditional blinds with slats; natural woven shades, matchbook blinds, Roman shades, roll-up blinds and even curtains, in Indian and Japanese styles. For the Viewline Shades roll-up blinds and Roman shades, you’ll find cords to operate and adjust (raising and lowering) for light; those with slats can also be raised, lowered and adjusted with the help of cords.

The Affordable Viewline Shades Blinds are highly preferred for their environmentally-safe materials. They make a nice alternative to wood and vinyl; are more moisture resistant than hardwoods (barring a few) and can be used in areas with high moisture content without the fear of mould or mildew growing on them.

The lightweight material and the open weave is a part of the charm that Viewline Shades bring. The light filtration they offer is more than that of faux wood blinds and therefore, more privacy; even more than the Venetian blinds. This makes them ideal for use in home office setups and also in kitchens. Even in bathrooms and bedrooms, where you need extra privacy.

The Cheap Viewline Shades Blinds have lined options available, which blocks light and help to lengthen the life of the blind by preserving its colour and preventing sun damage. The lining creates a uniform appearance if viewed from a distance.

Prices vary according to window size, the size of the blinds and their length, but they always stay within an affordable price point. This is another reason behind their immense popularity.

Cleaning is easy; they just require an occasional wipe with a damp cloth; better, if it’s done with a small amount of detergent. The roll-up blinds as well as matchstick shades catch more dust, so there might be a need for a bit more frequent cleaning. For these two types, brushing with a vacuum cleaner always prove to be the best! Just remember that they are cleaned best when extended to their full length.