If you are moving long distances within Australia and require interstate removalists, the entire experience can often be quite daunting and more of a nightmare. Here’s how you can make your interstate move easier on yourself and your family.

Fact is, most of the removalists service providers especially the interstate removalists in Australia, employ migrant staff. They are paid little and speak next to no English. They view their job as something temporary to hold on to until they get another that pays a bit more. These staff neither understand your instructions nor care about the material they are pack or transport. “Delicate” or “This side up” means little or nothing to them. We’ve witnessed them swinging and throwing a box of expensive crockery into the truck!

Thus was born Advance Removals – a House Removalist Broker. They match your removal needs with an appropriate removalist and then personally plan and supervise the entire operation – from negotiating to packing to transporting and unpacking at destination. They take the load and the anxiety off your shoulders. They ensure you get the right sized truck – not small (resulting in your material being squeezed into every square inch of space), nor too large (which could result in your material being bounced around).

Thanks to their years of experience, Advance Removals have perfected a standardised system of labelling the boxes which makes it easier to locate items and rearrange at the destination. Advance Removals also ensures that the Furniture Removals Dubbo supply you with adequate number of boxes in all shapes and sizes and also, that there is an adequacy of packing material. They will supervise the packing and ensure it is properly done. Your household material is handled with all the care it deserves especially for interstate move, and each item especially the delicate ones carefully bubble wrapped. There’s a technique to how delicate material is to be wrapped and Advance Removals will make sure the crew understand and follow it.

Advance Removals will also take care of all the paperwork for the interstate move including insurance and in the unlikely event there is any theft or damage, they will also help process the claim. Reliability is their motto and it means everything to them.

So whether you are moving from or to Newcastle, Sydney, Gold Coast, Albury, Ballarat or Melbourne, Advance Removals will take care of your belongings and deliver them promptly and safely. Advance Removals have adopted a flexible framework – one that can accommodate the client’s request. Their team of removalists will adjusts with the customer’s schedule and deliver the material as per the customer’s convenience.