Just a Few Minutes to Your Desired Eye Color: Bright Ocular Artificial Iris Implant

The color of the eye is something that one is born with and that cannot be changed. But for ages people have been buzzing with a common question, is it possible to change the color of your eyes? The ones who are not satisfied with their god gifted eye color have tried a lot of remedies like contact lenses or laser eye surgeries. But none of them has been capable of giving a satisfactory solution. So medical science has come up with an idea that is called artificial iris implant.

Iris determines the color of the eyes. The color depends on the pigments present in the iris and it is somewhat hereditary. The color of the eyes also varies in accordance with the area that a person belongs to. Accordingly, eye colors can be blue, gray, green, black or brown. But some people who are not satisfied with their natural eye color can try out the exclusive idea of iris implant. The bright ocular artificial iris implant is a device developed in the USA to help the patients to get their desired eye color.

Artificial iris is a flexible, thin, non-toxic prosthesis that is compatible with the normal body tissues. The material used to make artificial iris is also used to make the intraocular lenses. People have used these lenses for ages. But the idea to use this material to develop an iris is revolution nary. The advantages of bright Ocular artificial iris implant are as follows:
• The process is completely safe and is performed under high medical supervision.
• This artificial iris implant process takes only 15 minutes for each of the eyes. Therefore a patient just needs half an hour to get his/her desired eye color.
• The color contact used by people can only be put on for 7-8 hours a day. It also causes itchiness, watery eyes etc. But the artificial iris implant gives a permanent solution. People can get the color of their iris substituted permanently.
• The process is completely painless as it is performed under topical anesthesia. The patients are treated by some great doctors with high professional skills.
• The patients can get back to their normal life right after the surgery. That means they don’t need to go through the tedious after surgery complete-rest procedure.

Though the artificial iris implant is being used for beautification purpose but it has some medical applications also. This technique is used to cure some unusual conditions like correcting eye color for the people born with two different eye colors, people with no iris or multilayer iris, albinism, iris atrophy, cystic iris, rupture of iris followed by an accident. But the latest use of this bright ocular technique has been made in changing eye color permanently. However, if the patient needs to remove the artificial iris in future that can also be done. So if you are planning to change your eye color by wearing a color contact, drop the idea and log on to http://www.brightocular.com/
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