SNIA SCSI Trade Association Forum Announces 2024 Leadership, Plans for 2024 SAS Plugfest

 SNIA SCSI Trade Association Forum (STA), a SNIA technology forum and the respected authority on Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) technology, today announced its Fiscal Year 2024 Board of Directors.

The newly elected Board of Directors comprises accomplished storage industry professionals with a shared vision for promoting the understanding and use of SAS. To that end, the STA Forum is actively planning an interoperability plugfest for the spring of 2024.

“We are excited to support and welcome the first STA Forum Board of Directors in the continuing work as part of SNIA,” said Dr. J Metz, Chair, SNIA Board of Directors. “Paving the way forward with an upcoming SAS plugfest, the first as a SNIA Forum, the new STA Board has a great opportunity to drive the future of ongoing cooperation with the joint membership, resources, and success of the STA Forum within SNIA.”

The 2024 STA Forum Board of Directors is:

Chair: Cameron T. Brett, Senior Director of Enterprise and Cloud Storage Marketing, KIOXIA America, Inc.
Vice Chair: Jeremiah Tussey, Product Marketing Manager, Data Center Solutions, Microchip Technology Inc.
Secretary: Egide Murisa, Industry Standards Engineer, Molex LLC
Treasurer: Paul Coddington, Mechanical Engineer, Amphenol Corporation

Directors At-Large:
Pankaj Kalra, Senior Product Planning Manager, Samsung Electronics
Rick Kutcipal, Product Planning, Data Center Solutions Group, Broadcom Inc.
Arie van der Hoeven, Cloud Ecosystem Lead, Seagate Technology PLC

“The SAS ecosystem continues to grow, and our consistent leadership team underscores that industry commitment,” said Cameron T. Brett, STA Forum Chair, Board of Directors, “We are looking forward to our next SAS plugfest this spring, and continued SAS technology interoperability and optimization.”

For more information on the next SAS plugfest go here:

The following companies are members of STA:

Amphenol Corporation
BizLink Technology Inc.
Broadcom Inc.
Intel Corporation
KIOXIA Corporation
Microchip Technology Inc.
Molex, LLC
Samsung Electronics
Seagate Technology PLC
TE Connectivity Ltd.
Teledyne LeCroy, Inc.
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc.

For more information on membership, email

If you are interested in setting up a press briefing, please contact

About SNIA STA Forum
SNIA SCSI Trade Association Forum (STA) promotes the understanding and use of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) technology and influences the evolution of SCSI standards to meet future industry needs. The former SCSI Trade Association, established in 1996, has joined SNIA to further its mission of communicating the benefits of SAS technology to the industry.

About SNIA
SNIA is a not-for-profit global organization made up of corporations, universities, startups, and individuals. The members collaborate to develop and promote vendor-neutral architectures, standards, and education for management, movement, and security for technologies related to handling and optimizing data. SNIA focuses on the transport, storage, acceleration, format, protection, and optimization of infrastructure for data. Learn more at

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Hong Kong – Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Geneva celebrates 26th anniversary of establishment of HKSAR (with photos)

Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Geneva celebrates 26th anniversary of establishment of HKSAR (with photos)


     In celebration of the 26th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Geneva hosted a reception on June 29 (Geneva time) in Geneva, Switzerland. The reception was well attended by over 200 representatives from diplomatic missions to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and other organisations, international organisations, local government and businesses.

     The Acting Permanent Representative of the HKSAR of China to the WTO, Ms Drew Lai, delivered a speech at the reception that after having lifted all COVID-related travel restrictions, Hong Kong is again buzzing with excitement and activities, and has received more than 10 million visitor arrivals in the past six months, including almost three million in the previous month alone.  

     “Various mega business and tourist events will continue to come on stream in the next few months, including the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival in October, Hong Kong Cyclothon in December, as well as later this year opening of the world’s first Frozen themed land in the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort,” Ms Lai said.

     “And these are on top of the usual attractions of our city, such as great museums, fantastic food, sensational shopping, beautiful countryside and landscape,” she added, and invited guests to visit Hong Kong, to experience the vibrancy of the city first-hand and explore business opportunities.

SNIA Announces New SNIA SCSI Trade Association Forum

 SNIA and the SCSI Trade Association (STA) today announced the formation of a new SNIA SCSI Trade Association Forum (STA Forum), a technology community within SNIA to promote the use and understanding of SCSI and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) technology. STA Forum will continue its existing relationship with the T10 (INCITS Technical Committee for SCSI Storage Interfaces) standards organization in the development of marketing requirements for the industry.

SNIA and STA have had a long-standing alliance, which facilitated both STA input into SNIA activities related to SCSI and SAS technology, and SNIA input into STA activities as they related to storage and storage networking. STA Forum will drive innovation and progress by increasing collaboration, standardization, education and marketing outreach.

“SNIA is thrilled to have STA join our organization,” said Dr. J Metz, Chair, SNIA Board of Directors. “The decades of work that have driven the very foundations of storage bring a broad range of experience, talent, and initiative that cannot be overstated. By combining their expertise with SNIA’s twenty-five years of storage initiatives, we expect tremendous benefits for both our members and end users.”

“STA is proud to become a SNIA Forum, and with this organizational change, we can collaborate with a wider range of industry experts, technologies, and resources to benefit the SCSI and SAS community within the data storage industry,” said Cameron T. Brett, STA Forum Board of Directors, “As a SNIA Forum, we will continue to promote the value of SAS technology to end customers, increase the benefits of being a STA Forum member, and to grow the STA Forum with new members.”

If you are interested in setting up a press briefing, please contact Alice Tate

About STA Forum
SNIA SCSI Trade Association Forum (STA Forum) promotes the understanding and use of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) technology and influences the evolution of SCSI standards to meet future industry needs. The former SCSI Trade Association, established in 1996, has now joined SNIA to further its mission of communicating the benefits of SAS technology to the industry.

The STA Forum will be at Flash Memory Summit on August 8-10, 2023, located at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA. If you are planning to attend, please stop by the STA Forum booth #849.

About SNIA
SNIA is a not-for-profit global organization, made up of member companies spanning the storage market. As a recognized and trusted authority for storage leadership, standards, and technology expertise worldwide, SNIA’s mission is to lead the storage industry in developing and promoting vendor-neutral architectures, standards, and educational services that facilitate the efficient management, movement, and security of information.

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The Trade Desk Launches Kokai – a New Media Buying Platform that Brings the Full Power of AI to Digital Marketing

Kokai also Features Breakthrough Measurement Tools; Free Retail Measurement Data from Pioneer Retailers; Massively Streamlined Partner Integrations; and the Programmatic Table, a Revolutionary New UX

Ventura, CA – WEBWIRE

Global advertising technology leader The Trade Desk (Nasdaq: TTD) today launched Kokai, a new approach to digital advertising innovation that incorporates major advances in distributed artificial intelligence (AI), measurement, partner integrations and a revolutionary, intuitive user experience. With these innovations and others, Kokai ensures that marketers at all levels can easily benefit from the full power and sophistication of programmatic advertising.

In a major advancement in programmatic AI, Kokai distributes deep learning algorithms across all aspects of the digital media buying process. With access to more than 13 million advertising impressions every second, each of which may contain thousands of distinct signals, Kokais AI innovations serve as a co-pilot to the programmatic marketer, helping make sense of that complexity in a few milliseconds in order to help advertisers buy the right ad impressions, at the right price, to reach the target audience at the best time.

Kokais distributed AI capabilities build on The Trade Desks pioneering AI work with Koa, launched in 2018. While Koa assisted the marketer in setting up campaigns based on business objectives and optimizing based on performance, Kokai distributes the power of Koas AI across various aspects of media buying on The Trade Desk platform. This includes predictive clearing, which ensures traders make bids at the optimal level; scoring every ad impression based on relevance to the advertiser; upgrading measurement and forecasting; increasing resilience, even in the absence of identifiers; budget optimization; and KPI scoring.

The Trade Desk benefits from a rich yet highly complex dataset with very high integrity. With Kokai, we are able to help our clients make sense of that data with AI, and help the marketer make the best decisions at every turn, said Jeff Green, Founder and CEO, The Trade Desk. Building on our ground-breaking work with Koa, we are distributing AI across our platform, so that it can serve as an expertly trained co-pilot to todays modern marketer.

Measurement Innovations Free Retail Measurement from Select Retail Pioneers

Kokai will also feature major new innovations in digital advertising measurement. As more advertisers embrace the power of connected TV (CTV) and retail media marketing opportunities, there is more demand to develop new ways to measure performance in these key channels. With Kokai, The Trade Desk will be launching:

  • Added-value retail measurement data from pioneer retailers including Albertsons Media Collective, Walgreens Advertising Group, and others when audience data is turned on.
  • The Retail Sales Index A new benchmark for measuring online and offline retail sales against retail ad spend in one place.
  • The TV Quality Index Measuring the quality of the ad experience that the viewer is having across all streaming platforms and streaming content, to ensure that every campaign targets the most relevant inventory for any specific audience group.
  • The Quality Reach Index Helping marketers expand their loyal customer base by accurately targeting the most relevant customer profiles.

Partner Portal for Simple, Seamless Integrations

Considering the accelerated rate and pace of innovation in advertising technology, Kokai will also feature the Partner Portal, where thousands of new partners will be able to integrate directly with The Trade Desk using simple, standard adapters. As a result, advertisers will have access to a wide array of trusted partners and services, creating an essential innovation hub of the open internet. At launch, the Partner Portal will incorporate standard adapters for key areas such as OpenPath, Unified ID 2.0, retail onboarding, measurement and third-party audience data and contextual targeting. In alpha phase, the Partner Portal has successfully helped more than 400 partners integrate seamlessly over the last two quarters.

The Programmatic Table

In terms of user experience, Kokai will incorporate a revolutionary new design based on the Periodic Table. The Programmatic Table will offer an intuitive cockpit that harnesses the full power of programmatic for all users from power traders to CMOs. It allows the user to move intuitively through the media buying process, from human decisioning through AI support, with all campaign information and relevant data surfaced on the main campaign view. Already available for select users, The Programmatic Table will launch for all users later this summer.

Programmatic advertising has evolved rapidly over the last five years, and we need to ensure that we surface the full power of data-driven decisioning for all marketers as intuitively as possible, said Green. Kokais innovations in areas such as advanced measurement, collaborative innovation, and a radical new UX will ensure The Trade Desk remains at the forefront of programmatic innovation in service of value for marketers.

The Trade Desk is unveiling Kokai at a launch event today in New York City, featuring Jeff Green, Founder and CEO of The Trade Desk; Kristi Argyilan, SVP, Retail Media, Albertsons Media Collective; Marcy Greenberger, EVP, Managing Partner, UM/IPG; and Diego Vaccarezza, VP, Enterprise Media, CVS Health. The event will also be available via livestream.

Hong Kong – Trade instructed to suspend importing and selling raw oysters harvested in area 56.09.3 Rivière de Crac’h-Les Presses in France

Trade instructed to suspend importing and selling raw oysters harvested in area 56.09.3 Rivière de Crac’h-Les Presses in France


     The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department today (January 13) instructed the trade to suspend the import of raw oysters harvested in area 56.09.3 Rivière de Crac’h-Les Presses in France. The trade should also stop using or selling the product concerned immediately should they possess it.

     A spokesman for the CFS said, “The CFS received notifications from the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed of the European Commission that ready-to-eat raw oysters harvested in area 56.09.3 Rivière de Crac’h-Les Presses in France were detected with norovirus and the area concerned was closed. Preliminary investigation by the CFS found that, a local importer, M&C Asia Limited, had imported the affected raw oysters. For the sake of prudence, the CFS has immediately suspended the import into and sale within Hong Kong of raw oysters harvested in the area concerned, and instructed the importer to stop sale and remove from shelves the affected oysters.”

     The spokesman said that preliminary investigation by the CFS found that 9.5 kilograms of the affected oysters had been imported by the importer concerned. Some were distributed to a restaurant and were consumed, while the remaining oysters were destroyed. The trade should also stop selling other products from the affected area if they possess them.

     The spokesman pointed out that as oysters feed by filtering a large volume of seawater, pathogens can accumulate in them if they are grown in or harvested from contaminated water. Raw or partially cooked oysters are high-risk foods. Susceptible groups, such as pregnant women, young children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems or liver diseases, should avoid eating raw oysters.

     The CFS will inform the French authorities and will also notify the local trade. It will continue to follow up on the incident and take appropriate action to safeguard food safety and public health. An investigation is ongoing.