Halmahera Resources, ISIN: IDA003250200, a leading low-cost producer of nickel that generates sustainable prosperity for our employees, investors and the communities in which it operates, is pleased to announce about its cooperation with the International Nickel Study Association, a leading self-directed association, in order to create a survey on the world directory of nickel production facilities.

With the involvement of other members (nickel producing, consuming and trading parties), the survey points out an efficient mechanism having a series of objectives:
– Publishing regular statistics on nickel markets;
– Publishing similar directories of industry facilities and other types of information on nickel producing and trading;
– Creating common meetings and events in order to approach nickel market aspects for the benefit of producing and consuming industries;
– Providing projections and getting involved in economic analysis of nickel markets for informational purposes and business support;
– Revealing of information on health and environment as well as safety issues;
– Promoting sustainable development strategies for the nickel industry.

The participants at the survey have as a main objective the sharing of data and expertise on the world nickel mine production, major nickel trading aspects and nickel demand. The study is made under the commitment of several organized commissions that have particular responsibilities. The Standing Commission takes care of the financial and administrative issues, the Statistics Commission handles the statistical part and is recommending specific studies or other work on statistics while an environmental and economics commission is responsible for environment, health and safety concerns and sustainable development. A specially created commission, the Industry Advisory Group, is taking control over consultancy and support services in regards with technical issues and work program.

“We are glad to participate at important surveys in the market as a means of self – improvement and in order to reveal market insights to our partners and clients. Sharing knowledge and solutions represents a benefit for all nickel markets”, said Peter Thohir, Press Officer.

About Halmahera Resources
Halmahera Resources takes pride in being a leading low-cost producer of nickel that generates sustainable prosperity for our employees, investors and the communities in which it operates. Its primary objective is producing high-grade nickel at its Halmahera Project in Indonesia. As a byproduct of nickel mining, the company also produces cobalt, rhodium, selenium, tellurium, sulphur and other products. The Halmahera Resources’ core operations are prospecting, exploration, mining, concentration and processing of minerals along with the production, marketing and sales of non-ferrous metals. The company views firm commitment to the principles of social and environmental responsibility as a prerequisite for its sustainable and effective development.