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Event Teaches Coaches How To Get To The Next Level

The world of coaching is a very difficult one, whether you are a life coach, health coach, business coach, or any other type of coach. You want to spend your time with your clients, helping them achieve their desired outcome. But, you spend more time trying to find clients and customers than you do actually coaching. 

Cold calls are hit and miss. Marketing and administrative tasks take the majority of your time. None of these do you any good. You need fresh clients regularly. 

Bill Pratt is a coach’s coach. He has mastered the arts of finding, landing, and keeping clients for coaches. His easy-to-follow, no-nonsense, and low-pressure system is designed specifically for those coaches who struggle with everything but the coaching. 

His three-day, live Coaching Biz Con event will feature speakers, workshops, and other networking opportunities for coaches of all types to hone and perfect the marketing and administrative elements of their business. 

The variety of networking opportunities also means coaches will have a chance to find new clients, expand their current coaching base and meet other coaches. Pratt has assembled a team of eight different coaching professionals with a variety of strengths in all disciplines. 

Participants will have opportunities to meet with, question, and get real-world solutions to help do the one thing all coaches want – the next client. Coaching Biz Con is an online event scheduled for August 26 – 28. 

Each day has eight full hours of coaching workshops and collaboration. Early registrants have an opportunity for a huge discount, a box of swag, and bonuses for attending. Go to coachingbizcon to learn more and register. 

Hong Kong – Operational event at Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station

Operational event at Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station


     The Nuclear Emergency Committee Office of the Guangdong Province notified the Security Bureau today (July 15) of an operational event at Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station (DBNPS), a Security Bureau spokesperson said today.
     On July 13, during a routine inspection, station staff found that a ventilator in the electrical plant of Unit 1 of the DBNPS was rotating in a reverse direction. They immediately rectified the ventilator’s rotation direction according to the procedures. After the adjustment, it was confirmed that the ventilator had resumed normal function. The event did not affect the normal operation of the plant’s equipment, and the Unit remained in a safe condition throughout the above event.
     This event was classified as a Level 0 deviation on July 14 in accordance with the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale and the relevant nuclear safety regulations. It did not affect the safe operation of the Unit, the health of the workers, the nearby public or the environment.
     The Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations and Management Co Ltd (DNMC) and the Hong Kong Nuclear Investment Company Limited (HKNIC) have released the details of this event on their websites respectively. The relevant information can be viewed in the “operational events” section under the “nuclear and radiation safety information” page of DNMC’s website ( (Chinese only), or in the “media room” section under the “about HKNIC” page of HKNIC’s website (

Life Engineer and Author, “Dr. G. Rex Kruhly Hosts Depth Healing Event Tagged “THE GENESIS EVENT” to Generate Wealth, Business Expansion, and Health by a profound Quantum Technology of Mind

Humans are wired to initiate responses once the body perceives a threat. If the Amygdala in the brain lights up, it signals the Hypothalamus and a neuroendocrine process begins that causes the body to release stress hormones such as cortisol. Chronic stress and fear can stop the blood supply to the Gut Biome, inhibiting the immune system, and shunting the blood supply from the front of the brain to the back. 

The stress hormone process is an efficient system for managing short-lived emergencies but it has life-threatening impacts when it is sustained long-term. If such conditions are sustained, the Gut Biome, which is the seat of biological life where all growth and repair is carried out, is affected. Also, when the immune system is shut down, the body becomes prone to bacteria, viruses, and environmental toxins. And lastly, with blood supply constricted from the thinking area of the brain to the reactive subconscious mind, one becomes less intelligent and more reactive. 

Today’s uncertain stress-saturated business world is impacting all levels of business, wealth consciousness, and health. The key to healing this so that businesses can grow, adapt, and thrive is found in the subconscious minds of the people involved. 

To this end, the Founder of DEPTH HEALING QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY, Dr. G. Rex Kruhly has announced his collective transformational solution. THE GENESIS EVENT is designed to remove the negative programming, fears, limiting perceptions, and mental barriers that block goals, success, progress, resilience, and cause disease and from mental/emotional stress. That done, a greater level of consciousness will be fostered. THE GENESIS EVENT is a Collective Unified Field Solution.

THE GENISIS EVENT will take place on October 2, 3, and 9, 2021 with 7 additional weekly sessions as follow up. It features a wide variety of healing processes carved out by Dr. G from his 50 plus years of study and research. In the buildup to the event, participants and attendees would be required to contemplate their childhood days until age 12. This would be done from September 20 and span till September 30. During this contemplation period, they are expected to write out all significant memories, traumas, hurts, shocks, abuse, etc. All this is for their records only, to awaken the information in their minds; none of their personal information is shown or shared with Dr. G. at all. Attendees are also required to reflect on and write out their core values regarding their life, ambitions, financial and career goals, to establish personal coherence. Finally, they need to be crystal clear what they want to have or achieve from this special opportunity to re design their life and business.

Dr. G is an Internationally Recognized Distance Healer who uses the Quantum Field as a basis of healing consciousness and altering life circumstances. He works with Morphic Fields in groups of 10 to 21,000 individuals to create collective change for individuals, businesses/organizations, and humanity. His expertise addresses almost all physical ailments and diseases effectively while facilitating life design for happiness, prosperity, and personal power.

THE GENESIS EVENT is a Virtual Intensive with morning and afternoon sessions lasting 2 – 3 hours with short breaks on the hour-plus an hour for lunch.

What makes this event different from any other anywhere in the world? ALL the participants will be joined by Dr. G to form a Morphic Field via their hearts similar to computers connected to the cloud. Then, using his Quantum Technology, he will work in the collective field removing all the negative programming, fears, etc., relative to the goals and objectives of the participants. Since this is a Collective Field, it is Massively Powerful. The ability to shift Entire Morphic Fields is the primary difference between Dr. G. Rex and other consciousness specialists.

Each day high-performance skills, cognitive coping strategies, and self-empowerment methods will be taught in addition to the Morphic Collective Sessions.

Additionally, all participants receive 7 weekly 2-hour follow-up sessions for mastery of the skill sets taught as well as any personal issues.

Dr. G is the author of “WANT MORE?” a book that interprets a Zen treatise for business individuals on how to bust workplace stress and challenges, encapsulated in “The Seven Simple Disciplines to Empower Your Life”. Dr. G. Rex Kruhly has served thousands worldwide with clinical results that are more than robust.

About Dr. G

Dr. G is a Life Engineer, Author, expert in Quantum Consciousness, and the founder of Depth Healing Technology. He uses Psych-K for Brain Reprogramming; Breath Methods to break Stress Loops, Severe Anxiety, and Panic Attacks; Personal Coaching to bring about lifestyle changes to produce high-performance habits, reframing for stress control/motivation, and building cognitive strategies for resilience and success; Tibetan Reiki and other modalities as needed.

A licensed Chiropractor, apprenticed under World-Class Doctors, in the areas of Network Chiropractic, Metabolic Therapies, Applied Kinesiology, Functional Medicine, Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T),

Dr. G has coached scientists from NASA, the Military, Silicon Valley Executives, and IT People in professional and personal development. Rehabilitated addicts of alcoholism and drug addiction, and sexual abuse.

Contact Details

Gina La Piana

[email protected]


Depth Healing Technologie

United States

22287 Muholland Highway #648 Calabasas Ca, 91302

San Francisco Event & Entertainment Production Company, Entire Productions, Celebrates 20 Years

After a tumultuous year, Entire Productions will bring back its annual event to celebrate the event industry and the company’s 20 year anniversary. The event will take place in AllSeated’s virtual event platform ExVo, on May 11th from 4-6 PM PST.

SAN FRANCISCOApril 14, 2021PRLog — Headquartered in San Francisco, Entire Productions is one of the lead entertainment and event production companies with an emphasis on experience design. Since the impact of COVID-19 on the events industry, Entire Productions has been busy innovating and “…becoming the go-to for hosting virtual events.”- Julie Peck, Business Insider.

Each year, Entire Productions designs an annual showcase experience for clients and those in the event planning industry to highlight their best talent and event design, planning and production prowess. Past events included industry sponsors such as The Bently Reserve, 49 Square Catering, Best Beverage Catering Company, The California Academy of Sciences, AFR, and Modern Luxury. The event is invite-only with a star-studded roster of typically 800 attendees, including special guests like Mindy Weiss and Steve Kembel.

The 2020 event, Into The Wild, was set for March, when mandatory shelter in place took effect. Entire Productions was able to quickly shift their business to fully virtual events and finished 2020 with 200 booked events, $12k in the first month for their new marketing division, and $1M in profit, which is a remarkable number given the circumstances. Their story and award-winning events have been featured in Business Insider, Inc. Magazine, USA Today, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal.

“The Best of Entire Productions” will celebrate their 20 years in business, as well as provide an opportunity for event industry partners to market themselves and new developments since COVID. For the talent, vendors, and industry professionals involved, this event serves as a main profit driver and an indicator for the years’ event trends ahead. Attendees will immersive themselves and network with fellow event industry professionals in the hybrid event experience that Entire Productions is known for.

Ten early registrants will be selected to receive a generously valued “golden ticket” gift basket curated by Entire Productions Marketing. Registration begins April 19th via


We are a special event and entertainment management company with an emphasis in experience design. We work closely with our clients to create an experience that expertly aligns with their creative vision and budget from planning, designing and producing in-person and virtual events to bringing in entertainment of every genre and discipline from local to headlining talent.

We program entertainment of every genre and discipline from local to Headline acts including DJ’s, Bands, Walk-Around Characters, Aerial Acts, Photo Booths, Virtual Reality performance art, Go-Go dancers and everything in-between.

We’re known for excellence, incredible client experience, out of this world artistry and creativity, and our very sophisticated processes and systems which set us apart from others.

We’re proud to provide worry-free and amazing experiences for our clients, great and well-paid jobs for our talent, as well as rewarding and exciting careers for our employees.

Halmahera Resources Contributes to the Creation of a World Directory of Nickel Production Facilities

Halmahera Resources, ISIN: IDA003250200, a leading low-cost producer of nickel that generates sustainable prosperity for our employees, investors and the communities in which it operates, is pleased to announce about its cooperation with the International Nickel Study Association, a leading self-directed association, in order to create a survey on the world directory of nickel production facilities.

With the involvement of other members (nickel producing, consuming and trading parties), the survey points out an efficient mechanism having a series of objectives:
– Publishing regular statistics on nickel markets;
– Publishing similar directories of industry facilities and other types of information on nickel producing and trading;
– Creating common meetings and events in order to approach nickel market aspects for the benefit of producing and consuming industries;
– Providing projections and getting involved in economic analysis of nickel markets for informational purposes and business support;
– Revealing of information on health and environment as well as safety issues;
– Promoting sustainable development strategies for the nickel industry.

The participants at the survey have as a main objective the sharing of data and expertise on the world nickel mine production, major nickel trading aspects and nickel demand. The study is made under the commitment of several organized commissions that have particular responsibilities. The Standing Commission takes care of the financial and administrative issues, the Statistics Commission handles the statistical part and is recommending specific studies or other work on statistics while an environmental and economics commission is responsible for environment, health and safety concerns and sustainable development. A specially created commission, the Industry Advisory Group, is taking control over consultancy and support services in regards with technical issues and work program.

“We are glad to participate at important surveys in the market as a means of self – improvement and in order to reveal market insights to our partners and clients. Sharing knowledge and solutions represents a benefit for all nickel markets”, said Peter Thohir, Press Officer.

About Halmahera Resources
Halmahera Resources takes pride in being a leading low-cost producer of nickel that generates sustainable prosperity for our employees, investors and the communities in which it operates. Its primary objective is producing high-grade nickel at its Halmahera Project in Indonesia. As a byproduct of nickel mining, the company also produces cobalt, rhodium, selenium, tellurium, sulphur and other products. The Halmahera Resources’ core operations are prospecting, exploration, mining, concentration and processing of minerals along with the production, marketing and sales of non-ferrous metals. The company views firm commitment to the principles of social and environmental responsibility as a prerequisite for its sustainable and effective development.