Operational event at Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station


     The Nuclear Emergency Committee Office of the Guangdong Province notified the Security Bureau today (May 10) of an operational event at Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station (DBNPS), a Security Bureau spokesperson said today.

     On May 8, during a routine inspection, station staff found that a speed controller in one of the backup diesel generators of Unit 2 of the DBNPS was not working properly. They immediately replaced the dysfunctional speed controller. After the replacement, it was confirmed that the speed controller had resumed normal function. The Unit remained in a safe condition throughout the above event.

     This event was classified as a Level 0 deviation on May 9 in accordance with the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale. It did not affect the safe operation of the Unit, the health of the workers, the nearby public or the environment.

     The Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations and Management Co Ltd has released the details of this event on its website (www.dnmc.com.cn) (Chinese only), which can be viewed in the “operational events” section under the “nuclear and radiation safety information” page of the website.