HA staff commended for outstanding performance


The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:

     The Hospital Authority (HA) today (May 10) announced the results of the HA Outstanding Staff and Teams Award and Young Achievers Award for 2022. This year, nine outstanding staff members, seven outstanding teams and 13 young achievers (the list of awardees is appended) from 24 hospitals in all seven clusters and the Head Office have been awarded for their outstanding performance, provision of quality patient care, enhancing team spirit and improving the overall operational effectiveness of the organisation. The awardees are from different grades, including medical, nursing, allied health, administration and supporting staff groups.


     Since 1993, the HA has been organising this corporate-wide staff reward and recognition programme annually to commend outstanding staff members and teams. The HA is also aware of the pursuit of the young generation for recognition at work and a sense of achievement, so a new category, Young Achievers Award, has been added since 2018 to recognise the good performance of the new generation in the workforce.


     The 2022 Outstanding Staff and Teams and Young Achievers Award Selection Panel was chaired by HA Board Member and Chairman of the Human Resources Committee Mrs Ann Kung. Mrs Kung said, “The awarded staff and teams contributed to patient services or the development of the HA in different dimensions, showcasing the core values of the HA, which are ‘People-centred Care’, ‘Professional Service’, ‘Committed Staff’ and ‘Teamwork’. As all shortlisted nominees have demonstrated outstanding performance, it was not an easy task to select the awardees. Nonetheless, I would like to take this opportunity to express gratitude to HA staff for their joint effort and dedication in combating the outbreak of COVID-19.”


     Other members of the Selection Panel included another Board Member, Professor Chan Wai-yee; 2021 Outstanding Staff Award winner Ms Cecilia Chan; the HA Chief Executive, Dr Tony Ko; the Cluster Chief Executive of Kowloon East Cluster, Dr Tom Kam-tim; and the HA’s Head of Human Resources, Mr David Mak.


     The awards received an overwhelming number of nominations from various departments of hospitals and the Head Office this year. Contributions of participants to the following core values of the HA were adopted as the selection criteria for the outstanding staff and teams by the selection panel:


  1. People-centred Care;
  2. Professional Service;
  3. Committed Staff; and
  4. Teamwork.


     On the other hand, the Young Achievers should be able to demonstrate the HA core values, possess the attributes of being an advocate for their profession, and always be able to energise the team, think out of the box and be good communicators.