A Powerful Story of Resilience Amidst Vision Loss by William Arthur Nahmens is Set For Exhibit at Various Book Fairs

William Arthur Nahmens is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran with eight years, traveling the world on various charters. In the midst of that, however, he was afflicted with vision loss. His story of becoming disabled and coming to terms with it can all be found in his biography A Walk in the Darkness. The book is now set for display at book fairs around the world.

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Battle through to win that battle!

The United States has over 1.3 million people who are legally blind, each with their own stories about how they overcame the challenges of their disability. For William Arthur Nahmens, he does not want his to be something that invokes pity or sympathy.

His book, A Walk in the Darkness: One Mans Struggle with Vision Loss, is meant to encourage readers who are undergoing similarly difficult situations. For him, the key will always be to never give in, never give up, or surrender to the situation.

Nahmens served eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps, attaining the rank of sergeant and achieving veteran status. But one day, he underwent the horrific experience of vision loss and had to grapple with the fate of being legally blind for the rest of his life.

In A Walk in the Darkness, he first explains how it happened and then proceeds to describe this stage of his life to that of a boxing match. He takes the first blow when his vision began to impair. Things take a turn for the worse, and he gets the knockdown.

Despite this, he holds to his conviction of never surrendering the battle. In fact, he goes as far as to implore others who are supporting people in similar situations to also never let their charges give up and stay down.

Without asking for pity, William Arthur Nahmens wishes to encourage many others with disabilities to develop resilience and take pride in it. A Walk in the Darkness: One Mans Struggle with Vision Loss is now slated to appear in various book fairs and exhibits around the world. It is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

A Walk in the Darkness: One Mans Struggle with Vision Loss
Author | William Arthur Nahmens
Published date | December 2nd, 2022
Publisher | Self Published
Genre | Biography

Author Bio
William Arthur Nahmens is a United States Marine Corps Veteran. He served eight years, reaching the rank of Sergeant. His stories are a combination of personal experiences and stories told to him by others he has met over the years, sprinkled with just a touch of fiction (for added excitement). He is legally blind and spends most of his time writing poetry and stories about charters he has met during his life time. He loves spending time alone with his memories. His hope in writing is twofold. First to tell others who have gone through similar experiences that it is okay to be human and show your emotions, second is to give those who never served, a glimpse of what Military life is like and offer them a chance to take a glimpse into the mind of a Marine. That glimpse can be both enlightening as well as freighting as you learn what it takes to become a Marine and what it means to be a Marine. The saying Once a Marine. Always a Marine: is not just some mindless words strung together. It is a code every Marine lives by for the rest of their life.

A Promising Story of Hope Was Published by a Renowned Author of Christian Books Dorsey Burk


Forgiven Redeemed Reconciled is a wonderful book that entails a great story of forgiveness, redemption, and reconciliation. It is a great privilege for a writer to come up with a substantial piece that weary souls will be free from bondages of sins from the past.

The story follows Paul Tanner, a stressed senior pastor who threw away his life. Sara Petersen, a pastors daughter was gang raped. Zach Petersen, a young, traumatized husband who thought the worst. What do they have in common besides sharing some DNA? Peer into the lives of people who squander their spiritual heritage and see how their lives affect those around them. Not everyone ends up in the pigsty, but everyone needs forgiveness, reconciliation, and redemption. See what blessings can come from broken, shattered, and scarred lives. Yes, all things can work for good for those who love the Lord.

Romans 8:28 NIV. And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

The simplicity of this book that mirrors the truthful event in life can turn your heart towards God and enrich your life. This inspiring worth-turning page book is best to share with family and friends.

Book copies are available at Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Forgiven-Redeemed-Reconciled-Dorsey-Burk/dp/166286339X/) and other online book retailers.

Forgiven Redeemed Reconciled
Written by Dorsey Burk
Published by Xulon Press
Published date: January 9, 2023
Paperback Price: $14.49
Kindle Price: $6.99

About the Author
Dorsey Burk has served in Christian ministry for over fifty years. His passion for missions has taken him to twenty-five nations in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. He has edited and designed books for the Oversea Ministries Training Course, the Alpha Bible Course, and the Global Association of Theological Studies. Many of these books bear his name as an author. Forgiven Redeemed Reconciled is his venture into Christian fiction.

Etsy Bestsellers ‘Story of Me’ Launch Personalized Children’s Books on Amazon and Shopify

Etsy bestsellers Story of Me have launched personalized children’s books on two new platforms, giving customers more chances to buy bespoke, personalized gifts for kids.

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“The launch of our online shop, coupled with the launch on Amazon for the first time, will help us reach many more kids and their families worldwide, bringing the magic into more homes than ever before. We’re mega excited for this next phase in our growth, and can’t wait to get making more books soon. Who knows – perhaps we could soon be making one for you!”

Children’s book publishers Story of Me have launched two new direct channels for parents, grandparents, family and friends to make custom books for the kids they love.

After successfully launching on Etsy in 2020, the small publisher has gone from strength to strength, making and delivering thousands of personalized books to kids and families worldwide. Today’s announcement marks the launch of their range of personalized children’s books on Amazon in the US and the UK, as well as an international facing online shop powered by Shopify at https://storyofme.shop.

Sarah Douglas, director of creatives at Story of Me, said the launch of new channels would allow more families to discover the joy of personalized books for the children in their lives – from special personalized first birthday books, through to dinosaur and space adventure stories.

“It’s been a joy to help so many children and the families who love them discover the magic of personalized books. Since we’ve launched, we’ve seen thousands of happy customers across the world, buying everything from personalized birthday stories with the child’s name and family members in the book, through to exciting dinosaur adventures and even journies into outer space!”

“The launch of our online shop, coupled with the launch on Amazon for the first time, will help us reach many more kids and their families worldwide, bringing the magic into more homes than ever before. We’re mega excited for this next phase in our growth, and can’t wait to get making more books soon. Who knows – perhaps we could soon be making one for you!”

Story of Me produces original story books for children, which feature children’s names on the front cover and throughout the interior pages, along with other family details relevant to the child. The uniquely engaging concept is delivered in high quality softcover and hardcover bound books, presenting cherished family keepsakes for birthdays and other special occasions.

STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town Arrives on PlayStation®4

XSEED Games Welcomes New Players to a Cozy Seaside Town Brimming with Farming, Friendship, and Fun!


XSEED Games today announced that STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town is now available for the PlayStation®4 for $39.99. Players can purchase the physical edition on the XSEED Games Store and participating retailers, while the digital release is available with a 10% launch week discount on the PlayStation®Store. The Expansion Pass, which adds new marriage candidates, outfits, and more, is available for $14.99.

STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town offers a cozy life/sim experience with the series’ signature charm, taking players to the cozy seaside burg of Olive Town on a quest to revitalize their grandfather’s dilapidated farm. An untamed wilderness awaits that can be customized down to the very tile, and further exploration yields fantastical lands – Earth Sprites lead the way to gardens where the seasons never change, an island in the sky, or even the inside of a volcano! The nearby port town offers delights for hardworking farmers with festivals, charming shops, and the promise of new friendship that may blossom into romance. STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town also offers such fresh features as: quests to revitalize and expand the town, fantastical transportation options such as a motorcycle or a wolf, a first-person photography mode, and so much more!

The DLC Expansion Pass features the “Animal Attire,” “School Uniforms,” and “Yukata Set” outfit packs, the “Olive Town Mystery Files” and “The Legendary Sprite Dance” sub-scenarios, and the “Windswept Falls,” “Terracotta Oasis,” and “Twilight Isle” Expansion Packs – all three of which include two additional marriage candidates from past games in the STORY OF SEASONS series. Three additional costume sets inspired by previous STORY OF SEASONS entries (“Pete and Claire’s Overalls,” “Yuto and Naomi’s Hoodies,” and “Henry and Holly’s Western Attire”) will also be included with all Expansion Pass purchases.

Find out more about the entire STORY OF SEASONS series on http://www.storyofseasons.com.

STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town is published by XSEED Games in North America and launched for PlayStation®4 on July 26. The game is also available on the Nintendo Switch™ system and PC via Steam. The title has been rated “E for Everyone” on all platforms by the ESRB. This title is published by Marvelous Europe for PlayStation®4 in European territories and will be released on July 29.

VIDEO: STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town – PlayStation 4 Launch Trailer

Somatic Experiencing Pro, Trauma Researcher, & Attorney Rebecca Stahl Shares Their Life Story & Industry Insights on NoBull Marketing’s “Evolving with The Times” Podcast

 NoBull Marketing today announced a recently released hour-long interview with Rebecca Stahl – a veteran attorney and somatic experiencing practitioner who’s devoting her career to helping legal professionals better understand and work with their clients and their own trauma.

“I went into the legal profession specifically to work with children with a dream of giving children a voice in the court process… After discovering Somatic Experiencing as a tool to heal from trauma and stress, I soon realized that my day job was to traumatize children and that I had to find a better way.” -Rebecca Stahl.

“By 2031, I hope to see a future where the legal system is more aware and understanding of both the lawyer and the client’s humanity… including our animal instincts that mean we sometimes don’t respond well to difficult situations… and that people receive support instead of shame for that.” – Rebecca Stahl.

The interview dives deep into Rebecca’s career and insights such as:

Why Rebecca Broke Down in Tears During Their First Somatic Experience Session

The Nuances of What It Means to be “Trauma Informed”

The Future Rebecca Hopes to Create in Embracing All of What It Means to be Human

Access The Interview Here: https://familylawagency.com/Rebecca-Stahl

About NoBull Marketing: NoBull Marketing is a growth marketing agency specialized in helping peacemaking family lawyers add 2-15 new cases every single month. Through the “Evolving With The Times” podcast, we’re interviewing changemakers such as Colin Rule (Mediate.com), mediation pioneer Woody Mosten, and Ron Baker (The Soul of Enterprise) to stay on top of how family law is evolving in response to a more emotionally enlightened market.

About Rebecca Stahl: Rebecca is a veteran attorney, Somatic Experiencing Board of Directors Board Chair, and professionally trained somatic experience practitioner who’s devoted their life to studying the relationship between trauma and the legal field in an effort to protect vulnerable children and families throughout the often emotionally challenging legal process. In their upcoming new venture, this guest will be stepping into the realm of professional coaching to more directly work with lawyers to help them understand their role in helping clients and themselves with long held and deeply felt stress better cope with the strenuous legal process and to teach lawyers how they can use this knowledge to achieve better and faster outcomes.

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