Imagine a world where humans learn to love each other like how dogs love their owners. Prejudice, betrayal, and non-sensical fights will cease to exist. Dogs are definitely fluffy balls made out of pure love. Regardless of their size, color, or breed, they are equally cuddly. They embody love and are the epitome of all things adorable. They certainly make a home exponentially better.
A wholesome story of a child who realized his dream of owning a pet dog will pull the heartstrings of every child, and adult alike. Susan Kendall Graham presents her book, “My Best Friend.”
In this tale of innocent and pure love, we follow the story of Tim and Mandy. Graham’s children’s book will feature the love and bond between Tim, a young boy, and Mandy, a quirky and energetic dog. However, Mandy seems to be too quirky and uber energetic. She seems to leave a trail of broken dishes, loitered trash, and spilled spaghetti sauce wherever she goes. The problem ultimately results in a threat about the two of them being separated forever.
Graham thoroughly connects with children and dog-lovers alike. She effectively draws out all the right emotions by making every scenario within the book relatable to kids and dog-owners. The book also contains a valuable lesson about petkeeping and the importance of loving our furry family members. To cap it off, Graham’s word choice also increases comprehension, especially for kids. The book is a good learning tool, paired with colorful illustrations and a beautiful lesson.
Will Tim and Mandy overcome this challenge? Can Tim find a way to avoid the predicament? Or should they just deal with a heartbreaking separation?
Discover the surprise ending inside the book. Grab your copy now!
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My Best Friend
Author: Susan Kendall Graham
Publisher: Xlibris US
Published Date: November 27, 2020
Book Genre: Children’s Book

About the Author:
Susan lives in Winter Park, FL, and has been an educator for over 30 years mostly with elementary students. As a small group reading teacher her interest in writing children’s books began. She is a mother of a daughter who lives in Winer Park, FL, and a son living in Sacramento, CA, and grandmother of two granddaughters and one grandson. She has read children’s books to her grandchildren through YouTube. Her hobbies are singing in the church choir, going to movies, and traveling to visit family and friends.