“True Life Story will be appreciated for its recollection of the author’s struggles with hard times, while emphasizing the good moments.” BlueInk Reviews

A memoir with many family photos and a beautiful love story, “True Life Story of Dallas and Marie Tillman” (iUniverse; 2020) by Mississippi born and now California resident Dallas T. Tillman offers a vivid account of a black man going through life’s challenges and eventually experiencing life’s joys in the form of a long, loving marriage to Marie Debose, who was thirteen years older and married to a butcher.

In the first parts of “True Life Story of Dallas and Marie Tillman,” the author talks about his life in Mississippi, where he endured a tough family life after his father left the family to return to Chicago (though the family would later reunite in California). He describes doing farm work with his brothers, raising cotton, corn, sweet potatoes, and other vegetables, and taking care of their diabetic mother. He, his mother, and his brother then moved to California, first staying in Vallejo for some time before relocating to Fairfield.

The story of Dallas and Marie – the love of his life – is the highlight of “True Life Story of Dallas and Marie Tillman.” The author talked about their love story during his guesting in Emmy Award-winning journalist Kate Delaney’s nationally syndicated radio program “America Tonight.”

Tillman related to Delaney how his trip to Hollywood – and chance employment as an encyclopedia salesman led to an encounter with Marie that led to romance and marriage.

“Marie and I met in San Francisco in 1962. I was an encyclopedia salesman with The Book of Knowledge. I met a guy on my way to Hollywood. I had a Greyhound Bus ticket from Fairfield to Hollywood to do a singing audition. I had a singing group. When I was going single, I was going to Hollywood to audition for myself.

“The guy was in the restroom upstairs of the Greyhound Bus Depot. He said, ‘Do you want a job?’ We both were using the restroom. I said, ‘Yeah, I want a job.’ I had been off the bus for ten minutes. I guess he could see I needed a job as I was on my way to Hollywood, and definitely he knew I needed a job.”

“On the next day, Dallas and the man met for breakfast, and two days later, he got a job as an encyclopedia salesman.

“I started selling books, and I met Marie,” said Dallas, “She came to the door, and I asked her, ‘Would you like to buy The Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia? She said, ‘No, I might next week.’ I said, ‘Okay, I’ll come back next week.’

“I tell you, when she came to the door, I had seen such a beautiful lady with gold pants… a beautiful lady who looks like a rose, a real rose. I came back the next week, and she said, ‘Come on in.’ We talked and talked and talked and talked, and she introduced me to her sister. They were almost like twins. I’d never seen such two beautiful ladies in all my life.”

Dallas and Marie were together for 53 years and 8 months until Marie’s death from pancreatic cancer. “It was a beautiful life,” Dallas said of his life and marriage to Marie.

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True Life Story of Dallas and Marie Tillman
Author | Dallas T. Tillman
Published date | January 23, 2020
Publisher | iUniverse
Book retail price | Paperback, $13.99

Author Bio

Dallas T. Tillman was born in Hinds County, Mississippi, on September 13, 1940, but grew up in Vallejo and Fairfield, California. In high school, he was a successful athlete. He moved to San Francisco to set out on his own in 1961.

Dallas had always thought his birthday was unlucky. He had so much trouble growing up and it seemed like his life was bad luck. This all changed when he met Marie, his first love. She gave him confidence and he gave her confidence — it was wonderful when they got together and married. They were together for 53 years until Marie’s death from pancreatic cancer.