Thursday, July 8th marks the start of a month-long book and internet blog tour for the ecological thriller, “The Shaman’s Gift” by Lee Fishman. “The Shaman’s Gift” is the story of Carrie, a young scientist who leaves everything behind as she travels to the Central American country of Belize to study with Don Rodrigo, one of the last Mayan healers still preacticing the old ways. At his side, Carrie learns the secret healing powers of plants, but when her aging mentor’s health starts to fade, she must move on. As her finances dwindle, she meets an expat millionaire who promises a way to use what she’s learned. Too late, Carrie finds herself caught in a web of dubious schemes, as she comes to suspect the intentions of the slick talking entrepreneur and those around him.

To quote Dr. Mihir Shah, “The Shaman’s Gift” provides, “Riveting moments as an ayahuasca-based tea ceremony impacts an ex-soldier’s PTSD, giving the audience a glimpse…into the world of herbal healing.” US Review of Books

“The Shaman’s Gift” is dedicated to the people of Belize and a portion of sales generated from the tour will be donated to scholarship programs of the Cornerstone Foundation of San Ignacio, Belize. In addition to supporting the educational efforts of the young people of Belize, The Cornerstone Foundation’s Natural Healing Program provides foreign students with an introduction to the wisdom and practice of traditional indigenous healers who combine the environment’s natural resources with their own inner guidance.

The Shaman’s Gift is available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book retailers or via the website