Global AI

 Global AI is a technology that connects with video security or CCTV cameras to detect certain potential problems and threats for home or business. The Global AI software monitors connected video cameras and automatically notifies the user via email or text message about potentially dangerous situations.

Some examples of the problem detection include crime prevention and anti-terrorism (conspicuous objects or criminal activities) as well as health and medical emergencies.

Global AI uses a subscription based model ($120 per camera per month) and is currently offered for free for all users.

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Global AI
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Global Schools Group Unveils New Logo

SINGAPORE, Jan 29, 2024 – (ACN Newswire) – Global Schools Group (GSG) has launched its new logo last Friday (Jan 26), as the Singapore-based educational institution aims to chalk a new chapter in its 20+ year journey for the next decade and more.

Global Schools GroupGlobal Schools Group
New Logo inaugurated by the Group

GSG, an initiative of Global Schools Foundation, owns and operates a network of 64 award winning international schools around the world educating more than 45,000 students studying international curricula for outcomes that propel them on the path of global leadership.

The launch of the new logo at its Singapore conference coincided with the group’s aims for the future which is to maximise potential through personalisation, competency-based learning and inspiring students to fall in love with learning.

“GSG aims to have its future schools drive significant value for its students and parents and new GSG logo reflects the aspirations and modernity that is expected by our stakeholders,” said Mr Atul Temurnikar, Chairman of Global Schools Group.

GSG schools include 12 school brands which run 64 campuses across Asia, Middle East & UK/Europe. These include One World International School (Singapore, Riyadh, Osaka, Bangalore), Glendale International School (Hyderabad, Dubai), Global Indian International School (India, Singapore, Japan, UAE, Malaysia, Thailand), Dwight School Seoul (Korea), Harrods International School (Cambodia), Regent International School (Malaysia), Chinese International School Manila and Domuschola International School (The Philippines), Heath House Preparatory School (The UK), Vikaasa Group of Schools, Witty Group of Institutions (both India) and Emirates American School (UAE).


Global Schools Group is an initiative of Global Schools Foundation, a not-for-profit which was founded in 2002 as a community-oriented education institution whose mission is to cultivate and nurture young minds into global leaders of the future. In the last two decades, the Group has grown as a leading premium K12 education institution. Its schools provide multiple international curricula, including International Baccalaureate, Cambridge IGCSE, British National Curricula, American common core and IPC curricula to over 45,000 students which study across 64 campuses in 11 countries in Asia, Middle East and Europe.

In 2021, GSG’s parent body was recognised as “World’s Most Awarded Network of Schools” by World Book of Records UK & Switzerland, for being a recipient of 235 awards for innovation, Green initiatives, Performance excellence, Business excellence etc.

Contact Information
Rupali Karekar
Divisional Manager

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The 2024 TIENS Global Business Launch Conference Provides a Grand Opening

‘HELLO TIENS, HELLO 2024’, TIENS Global Business Launch Conference was held at the TIENS International Health Industrial Park in Tianjin, China, on January 14.

Mr. Li Jinyuan, Chairman of TIENS Group, delivered the opening keynote, stating that TIENS would cooperate with technology giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, Huawei and Tencent to implement a comprehensive digital transformation. As an essential part of this transformation, the ‘V-Moment’ was released. V-Moment’s ‘intelligent’ education platform has a global footprint and allows distributors to receive professional training anytime, anywhere, regardless of language or region.

Another release was the ‘perfect’ supply chain system, the ‘Flying Lion Supply Chain’, designed to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the Group’s global business operations. Additionally, as a global multinational enterprise, the TIENS Group launched a global resource-sharing platform, ‘MetaPoint Global Elites Club’, relying on its global advantages to join hands with elites in various fields worldwide to contribute to global sustainable development.

Closing the conference, TIENS Group presented a solemn flag ceremony to encourage all major business divisions to forge ahead in 2024. In the new year, TIENS will continue to uphold its mission of “Healthy Mankind and Serving Society”, actively embrace and master AI technology, and join hands with families worldwide to share a better tomorrow.

Media Contact

Ms Liang, TIENS Group

About TIENS Group

TIENS Group was founded in 1992 by Mr Li Jinyuan in Tianjin, China, joining international markets in 1995. During these years of development and self-transcendence, TIENS has become a global enterprise spanning biotechnology, health management, hospitality and tourism, education and training, e-commerce and international trade. With business covering 224 countries and territories and branches established in 117, the Group has achieved global business coverage and has formed strategic alliances with many first-class companies worldwide.

From TIENS International Health Industrial Park, the Group has formed a global health industry network involving a health science and technology innovation system, health production and logistics system, customer support system, health education system, and health investment and financial system, gathering talent flow, logistics, capital flow and information flow.  This global industrial chain covers a supply chain, a centralized product procurement system and a global network system with a shared e-commerce platform for its million-level membership and nearly 50 million family users.

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Global Advanced Metals Declared Conformant to Minerals Due Diligence Audit Standard for 14 Consecutive Years

Tokyo, Japan, Boyertown, PA, and Perth, Australia, Jan 18, 2024 – (ACN Newswire) – Global Advanced Metals Pty Ltd (GAM), a leading producer of tantalum powders and metallurgical products, has successfully undergone conflict minerals due diligence audits by the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP) of the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI).

GAM has achieved another milestone in the furtherance of its leadership role in due diligence and responsible minerals trade: following September 2023 audits, RMAP-RMI has determined GAM Aizu, Japan and Boyertown-Pennsylvania, USA facilities conformant to its audit standard for 14 consecutive years.   

To earn RMAP conformance status, a company must successfully undergo a rigorous third-party audit of its smelting operations. The audit includes validating evidence of: adherence to the 5-steps Due Diligence Guidance of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), acceptable reasonable country of origin evaluation, mine of origin and chain of custody documentation, and verification of scrap sources among other criteria.

“These successful audits put GAM in a unique position to continue driving responsible business practices throughout its supply chains. We will continue working with industry, government and civil society partners to maintain verifiable mine-to-market channels for responsibly sourced minerals,” said Jean-Paul Meutcheho, GAM Director of Sourcing and Corporate Sustainability-ESG. 

The RMI-RMAP conflict-minerals due diligence audit program is led and supported by a cross section of industries (e.g., Electronics, Aerospace, and Automotive), governments, and other stakeholders. Downstream companies rely on the conformance of smelters like GAM to comply with Section 1502 of the US Dodd-Frank Act, EU conflict minerals regulations, and other applicable conflict-free minerals’ regulations.

“GAM leadership role in minerals due diligence together with its Safety Health and Environment—SHE excellence (OSHA VPP certification of our US facility) are key components of its corporate Environmental Social and Governance—ESG program. GAM issued its first ESG-Sustainability Report Update ( in May 2023 and will continue to strive for the adoption and implementation of responsible business practices throughout its global operations,” said Andrew O’Donovan, GAM CEO. 

About GAM

A leading conflict-free tantalum producer, GAM has exclusive rights to the world’s largest industrial resources of tantalum ore located in Western Australia.

GAM produces conflict-free tantalum powders and metallurgical products at its Pennsylvania, USA and Aizu, Japan plants for a range of industries including electronics, aerospace, automotive, medical and chemical processing.

GAM’s smelting facilities in Japan and the USA were first declared “Conflict-Free” in 2010 under the former EICC/GeSI Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI) audit program and continue to maintain their conformance to the current (RMAP) standard.

About RBA, RMI and RMAP

The Responsible Business Alliance—RBA was formerly known as the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition—EICC, The Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) was formerly known as the Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative—CFSI, and The Responsible Minerals Assurance Process—RMAP was formerly known as the Conflict Free Smelter Program—CFSP.

Contact Information
Jean-Paul Meutcheho 

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Hmall’s Global Triumph: Singapore Branch Marks the Onset of a Thrilling 2024 Expansion

NEW YORK, Jan 15, 2024 – (ACN Newswire) – In a historic move, Hmall proudly inaugurates its Singapore branch in January 2024, signaling the commencement of an ambitious expansion plan slated for the entire year. This grand opening not only solidifies Hmall’s presence in the heart of Southeast Asia but also serves as the initial triumph in a series of strategic branch openings scheduled for the year.


Hmall, a pioneer in the e-commerce landscape, embarks on an exciting journey with the unveiling of its Singapore branch at the dawn of 2024. This strategic move sets the stage for a comprehensive and influential global presence, marking the beginning of a year that promises numerous branch openings in key markets, including Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil, and more.

Strategic Expansion Blueprint:

Hmall’s expansion plan for 2024 is nothing short of strategic brilliance. The Singapore branch, strategically launched in January, acts as a catalyst for the brand’s penetration into neighboring markets. The company envisions seamless integration into the cultural and economic fabric of Southeast Asia, followed by a swift and impactful expansion into various countries, offering diverse markets for exploration.

Affiliate System as a Key Catalyst:

Central to Hmall’s expansion strategy is its renowned affiliate system, a proven catalyst for driving growth and fostering entrepreneurial spirit. Affiliates play a crucial role in amplifying the brand’s reach, and the system has been fine-tuned to empower individuals to actively contribute to Hmall’s success. The Singapore branch, with its dedicated team of affiliates, becomes a nucleus for collaborative efforts, innovation, and collective prosperity.

Creating a Hub for Innovation and Collaboration:

Beyond being a retail space, the Singapore branch is designed to be an innovation hub where creative ideas flourish, and collaboration thrives. Hmall recognizes the importance of staying ahead in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, and the Singapore branch is poised to become a center for experimentation, adaptation, and the development of cutting-edge strategies.

Consumer-Centric Approach:

Hmall’s success has always been anchored in its commitment to delivering a superior shopping experience. The Singapore branch upholds this tradition, offering a curated selection of products, seamless online and offline integration, and personalized customer service. Hmall aims to become synonymous with reliability, quality, and innovation in the minds of Southeast Asian consumers.

Positive Impact on Local Economy:

As Hmall extends its reach into Southeast Asia, it anticipates a positive impact on the local economies of the regions it enters. The Singapore branch, as the first gateway to this expansion, is expected to create job opportunities, stimulate economic activity, and contribute to the overall growth and development of the local business ecosystem.


In conclusion, the grand opening of Hmall’s Singapore branch in January 2024 not only signifies a pivotal moment for the brand’s expansion into Southeast Asia but also serves as the initial beacon in a series of strategic branch openings planned for the year. Hmall is poised to extend its global reach further, with imminent openings in Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil, and various other countries within the year 2024. This ambitious expansion plan underscores Hmall’s commitment to becoming a global leader in e-commerce, connecting with diverse markets, and providing unparalleled shopping experiences worldwide. The Singapore branch’s opening in January sets the tone for a year of dynamic growth and international prominence, marking the commencement of an exciting journey that will unfold across multiple countries, leaving an indelible mark on the map of international commerce.

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