BPipe Corporation, an equity joint venture partner of Biopipe Global USA, enters into an agreement with a major global food company to install a 10 m3/day Biopipe biological sewage wastewater treatment plant.

BPipe Corporation is focused on innovative, scalable and disruptive decentralized wastewater treatment and reuse technologies. Its flagship system is the Biopipe STP, which is a highly scalable onsite sludge, odor and chemical free sewage wastewater treatment technology. BPipe is an equity joint venture partner established in the Philippines to pursue both sewage and industrial wastewater treatment opportunities for technologies within our portfolio.

According to Mr. Freddie Canta, President of BPipe, “In addition to the sludge free, odor free, and chemical free features of Biopipe technology, the customizable design and flexibility to fit in small spaces were the deciding factors that led to this partnership with BPipe. We are happy that this client will promote environmentally sustainable practices by recycling treated wastewater through our Biopipe system.”

“Biopipe continues to see strong market interest in the Philippines as customers look to long-term, eco-friendly solutions for a more resilient future,” says Ms. Nina Aquino, CMO of Biopipe Global Corp. “We look forward to continuing our support of the country’s dedication to cleaner waters and safe sanitation practices.”

About Biopipe Global Corp

Biopipe Global Corp is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lifequest World Corp (OTC Markets: LQWC). Lifequest offers both effluent treatment (ETP) and sewage treatment (STP) solutions. Biopipe has developed a patented 100% sludge-free, chemical-free, odor-free, silent, easy to assemble and install, scalable, low cost, ecological and virtually maintenance-free onsite sewage wastewater treatment system. Our Abrimix ETP solution is a highly efficient and cost-effective industrial wastewater treatment system that is vastly superior to Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) systems. See www.lifequestcorp.com and www.biopipe.co or contact: info@biopipe.co.

About BPipe Corporation

BPipe Corporation, a Philippine subsidiary of Biopipe Global Corp, is engaged in sales, marketing, distribution, installation, and maintenance of Biopipe STP, Abrimix ETP, Glanris Media and Goslyn FOG and other technologies through its global partnerships.

Philippines Contact
Name: Mr. Freddie Canta
Email: freddie@biopipe.co
Phone: +63 9171393642

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