LOS ANGELESJune 18, 2024PRLog — CASA (http://www.growcasa.co), the leading technology and services agency in the cannabis and hemp industries, today announced a global partnership to become the exclusive reseller, integrator, and services provider for the world’s leading AI and machine learning supply chain and retail software in the hemp and cannabis industries. This partnership solidifies CASA’s position as the premier provider of the most advanced AI-driven supply chain and retail planning solutions in the hemp and cannabis industries, enabling operators to maximize profitability and efficiency across the entire supply chain, ensuring a sustainable and profitable future for these impactful industries.

With this new partnership, CASA will implement unified supply chain and retail planning solutions tailored specifically for the cannabis and hemp markets. These solutions, already trusted by global leaders such as United Natural Foods, The Home Depot, Whole Foods, and 7-Eleven, will now be available to hemp and cannabis businesses, driving efficiencies and profitability for suppliers and retailers.

“This partnership is entirely focused on driving massive improvements in efficiencies for cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of hemp and cannabis,” said Taylor Stafford, CEO of CASA. “Our partner has experience shaping and driving efficiencies for entire global industry verticals such as grocery, food distribution, retail, and manufacturing. We are very excited to apply this technology to the cannabis and hemp industries where there are rampant inefficiencies due to no interstate commerce for cannabis and the lack of highly effective AI technology currently available to operators in these verticals. As federal rescheduling is happening for cannabis, it will open the gates for more capital and growth in cannabis. Operators need platforms to scale with them into the future of global growth.”

Core Functionalities and Uses

  1. Wholesale and Distribution Benefits: Anticipate and fulfill demand in every channel with maximum service levels, efficient use of inventory, capacity, and workforce.
  2. CPG Brands Benefits: Create actionable S&OP plans that enhance service levels, cut excess stock, and increase efficiency.
  3. Retail Benefits: Improve planning in all functional areas, from forecasting and replenishment to planogramming, pricing strategy, and promotion planning.

One of the revolutionary retail solutions provided are the AI promotion planning and price optimization features, which uses AI to recommend, measure, and optimize pricing and promotions for individualized locations across large store chains. Retailers can now plan, run, and analyze pricing and promotions in ways never before possible, leading to significant improvements in margin, basket size, and transaction volumes on their promotions.

“This alliance marks a pivotal moment for the hemp and alternative products sectors,” said Robb Hackett, Hemp Business Development Executive for CASA. “By integrating AI-powered tools, supply chain teams will be able to streamline their planning, forecasting, and modeling processes, achieving remarkable accuracy and speed. Retailers, in particular, will benefit from sophisticated tools to manage pricing and promotions, unlocking new potential for growth and profitability.”

“This innovative approach is set to address some of the most pressing challenges in supply chain and retail operations, providing a competitive edge and driving substantial financial gains for our customers. We are confident that this partnership will pave the way for a new era of efficiency and success in the hemp and alternative products industries,” Hackett added.

Global Expansion and Outreach

CASA and its partner are currently engaging with the largest operators in the cannabis and hemp spaces, discussing the transformative potential of their suite of solutions. While CASA is based in the United States, the company is aggressively pursuing global expansion to bring these cutting-edge solutions to emerging markets worldwide. “These solutions enable a global operator to use the same technology across the entire organization domestically and internationally” said Taylor.

To further this initiative, CASA and its partner will soon launch a series of webinars and collaborative materials to educate and engage prospective customers. These will be distributed through social channels and direct outreach, ensuring comprehensive awareness and understanding of the benefits these AI solutions bring to the industry.

About CASA

CASA is a leading technology and services agency in the cannabis and hemp industries, dedicated to driving efficiencies and profitability for suppliers and retailers. With a focus on innovation and excellence, CASA provides the most advanced AI and machine learning supply chain and retail software solutions to ensure sustainable growth and success for its clients.