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ANYGEN CO., LTD. has supplied custom peptide products in local and international pharmaceutical companies apart from competitors, we contribute to the revitalization of developing a new medicine. Ultimately it is lead to improvements and increase in sales. To thrive as a successful bio-company with active R&D investment and globalization strategies based on a stable cash-flow of peptide APIs manufacturing, every member of ANYGEN CO., LTD. will strive for the best.
Catalog Peptides
Catalog Products for you R & D needs:
Catalog Peptides are research peptides that are widely known for their physiological activities such as Hormone, Neuropeptide, Antibiotic peptide, and Neurotoxin. Anisen has about 1,000 cataloged peptides focused on CPCR Ligards and Peptide Neurotoxins and supplies small quantities at low prices.
Products are listed by categories and if you need to search, please use Smart Search in the top right corner. If you need more than the package shown, please put the product into your shopping cart and record the required amount in the other field and we will contact you. We promise to up-date the catalog peptide continuously to meet customers’ needs. The order of the peptides is> 95% by HPLC unless otherwise indicated. Unless otherwise indicated, the counter ion of all peptides is TFA (Trifluoroacetic)
Custom Peptides
It’s provides fast delivery of high-quality peptides of various kinds to the customer using the rich experience of peptide synthesis and optimized synthesis technology.
Other Service
MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer
ㆍ Model name AXIMA-Assurance
ㆍ Manufacturer Shimadzu
ㆍ Price: 50,000 won / sample
ㆍ Contact Information 062-714-1166
ㆍ Feature It is a high-resolution mass spectrometer that measures ions at the ratio of mass to charge using electric field and magnetic field. It can measure the molecular weight of biopolymers such as peptides, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids by using a tandem technique using various ion sources and High Energy Collision.
High performance liquid chromatography
(High Performance Liquid Chromatography)
ㆍ Model name Shimadzu 10Avp
ㆍ Manufacturer Shimadzu
ㆍ Price: 100,000 won / sample
ㆍ Contact Information 062-714-1166
ㆍ Characteristics It means that the mixed sample components are separated into single components by adsorption, distribution, ion exchange or molecular size disposal by flowing between the mobile phase and the stationary phase. Separation, qualification, quantification, etc., and for separation, purification and purification purposes.
If you want Custom Peptide Synthesis in Korea and Catalog Peptides in Korea? ANYGEN CO., LTD. utilizes a wealth of experience in peptide synthesis and optimized synthesis techniques to quickly provide a wide range of high-quality peptides that the customer desires.