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Dual-spout closures are two-piece closures particularly used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industry. One of the types of dual-spout closure gives consumer ease to use two formulations simultaneously from two containers packed as one. The user can mix two formulations together, before administration the solution out of a bottle. Manufacturers are introducing advanced designs for dual spout closures to entice the consumer convenience. Recently, Triumph Pharmaceutical launched a dual spout closures for its oral care product category; SmartMouth which allows the users to use two solutions simultaneously from two bottles packed as one.

The product comes in two PET bottles with one closure. The product is fully shrink-wrapped, and the consumer can mix two solutions together, even before dispensing the liquid out of the bottle. The Dual-spout closure market is expected to grow at a significantly high growth rate and is safe and secure as there are various and regulations over the packaging of pharmaceutical formulations.

Dual-spout Closure Market: Dynamics

The factor driving the market of dual-spout closure is growing pharmaceutical cap and closure market. Other factors driving the market of dual-spout closure are convenient packaging, innovation in pharmaceutical packaging, etc. The availability of a wide range of innovative packaging solutions is likely to have a significant influence on the demand for private label packaging market during the forecast period. Manufacturing of dual-spout closure will require relatively high raw material than the single piece cap, which will lead to increasing cost for final packaging. Considering these factors, the final product price will increase, which will be a restraint for the dual-spout closure market.

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The key trend in dual-spout closure market is the replacement of two pieced caps over one piece and regulations over the packaging of pharmaceutical products. Therefore, the dual-spout closure market will remain safe and secure and will be in the steady growth phase. The company manufacturing dual-spout closure have significantly high opportunity in regions such as Middle East Africa and Latin America as in these regions the pharmaceutical cap and closure industry is in its growth phase which will lead to the growth of dual-spout closure demand.