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There are many people who feel inferior due to low volume of hair and unable to enjoy any hair styles of their interest. This is when they can actually lookout for the hair extensions that can blend well with their natural hair and enhance the volume of their hair to try out any new hairstyles. Hence there is lot of demand for the natural hair and India is one country that exports quality hair for extensions and wigs across the world. The Hair Exim is one company that offers quality Indian body wave hair extensions for export to different countries across the world. In case you want to import hair from India for manufacturing wigs or hair extensions you can check out for Hair Exim for bulk hair exports. As the company sources hair from Indian temples you can be assured about best quality and a lot of variety for you to make a choice. The Indians offer their hair in the temples as a sacrifice to the God and the accumulated hair shall be auctioned by the government. The Hair Exim participates in the auctions actively and sources quality and virgin hair based on their years of experience in sourcing hair from the Indian temples.

The hair extensions online India can be sourced from Hair Exim which not only sources best quality hair for exports but also treat the hair carefully before packing and exporting to the clients. The collected hair cuticles are not stripped and are aligned in one direction which is then washed multiple times with natural herbal shampoos and natural dried to retain the quality and consistency of the hair. The company assure the hair is not chemically treated and a testing is done to assess the consistency, strength, elasticity and moisture retention. The company also offer a huge range of product array like weft hair, machine weft hair, non remy hair, and double drawn non remy hair, barber cutting hair and many more for you to choose suitable for your interests. No artificial hair is mixed and you can be assured about 100% natural temple hair from Hair Exim.

The price is also very much competitive and you can place the order online for the hair extensions online India. You can also go through their processing of the hair for your assurance of quality.

Hairexim is a professional supplier in the human hair field who is capable of designing and producing virgin indian hair extensions. We are also providing a wide range of Indian body wave hair extensions in India at reasonable prices. For more info about us, please do visit us online

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