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Steven Fenzl, owner of Container Management Group (CMG) provides unmatched metal container repair, delivery services, route auditing, bulky item collection, scout truck services, street sweeping, zero-waste program management, on-site container washing, alley clean-ups, special event container deployment and a variety of specialized labor projects related to the waste and recycling industry

Steven Fenzl provides complete container management services to municipal, private and national solid waste customers. Complete container management encompasses an entire system of services that begins with the delivery and receipt of containers and covers the delivery, removal, and maintenance of your most valuable asset – your carts. His company receives your container inventory and records all assets received by the container manufacturer. Your cart inventory is loaded and accurately tracked in CMG’s asset management system.

Bins are some of your most valuable assets. Most companies do not have the resources to effectively and efficiently manage their container inventories. This often leads to skyrocketing yearly capital equipment expenses, workers comp injuries, and poor customer service. Steven Fenzl eliminates the headache of managing your containers and helps provide significant cost savings for your operations. He helps you focus on critical revenue-generating activities and provides you with peace of mind knowing that your valuable assets and customers are in capable hands.

Trash containers harbor bacteria and emit foul smelling odors that create a nuisance to customers and surrounding homes or businesses. It is expensive and time consuming for waste haulers to exchange containers and wash them. Customers may try washing their own containers and waste valuable water and create contaminated storm drain run-off. Steven Fenzl offers environmentally friendly and cost effective container washing services.

Steven Fenzl has pioneered plastic welding in the waste industry. Repairing cracks in plastic containers restores the usefulness of the item and keeps plastics out of landfills. Cracks occur in plastic containers due to extreme heat, cold, and use over time. Steven Fenzl repairs both plastic carts and bins using their signature, patented process of Poly-Welding. Poly-Welding process heats the plastic to the original manufacturing temperature, and the completed weld is actually stronger than the original factory material.

Steven Fenzl expert container repair services can also restore your metal containers back to full working order, adding years to their life and saving you the expense of new metal containers. When time and experience matter, trust the professionals at Container Management Group, for all your metal container repair needs.

Putting a new cart system into place can be one of the most critical periods in the acceptance of a new system for your customers. By letting industry leader Steven Fenzl handle your container deployment and/or removal, you are free to focus your efforts on maintaining your existing business. Steven Fenzl can handle the job from start to finish: the receipt of containers from the manufacturer; inventory and tracking of the received carts for capital cost control; and the final unit assembly, labeling, and delivery to your customers’ curb or roadside addresses.

When it comes to container management, service is Container Management Group’s only sale. Steven Fenzl sets himself apart from his competition in a variety of ways, including offering outstanding customer service and direct cost savings to its customers through maximizing their container assets and reducing the number of carts they purchase annually.

Steven Fenzl partners with the companies he serves to become an integral facet of their operations team. CMG is large enough to have the operational scale but small enough to quickly implement technology. Innovative process management makes CMG the best in the industry.

CMG leaders employ operational best practices, which benefit CMG’s customers and their operations management. What makes Steven Fenzl a great partner for its customers is the combination of professional management practices and a focus on what will benefit collective team.

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