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Adults in Birmingham who’ve lost a tooth or two will find fully-functional replacements at Sutton Implant Clinic.

[SUTTON COLDFIELD, 06/07/2018] – Using dental implants, the experienced team at Sutton Implant Clinic can replace missing teeth with fully-integrated substitutes. Looking and feeling very close to the real thing, these new teeth enable patients to enjoy a wide range of dental functionality. This includes chewing and biting into the foods they might have been avoiding after tooth loss.

Dental implants make a big difference

Sutton Implant Clinic can replace just one tooth, a complete set, or any number in between. The reason for the tooth loss does not affect the patient’s suitability for dental implants. There might have been an accident or sporting injury, or a long process of tooth decay. Dental implants from Sutton Implant Clinic will work as substitutes in all cases, providing the patient has good jawbone density and decent oral health.

There are no clips involved with these new teeth, and no adhesive procedures to bother the patient. The dental implants remain inside the mouth once they’ve been attached at Sutton Implant Clinic. The patient cares for them just like natural teeth.

An integrated process at Sutton Implant Clinic

The patient will first talk to the team at Sutton Implant Clinic about their potential dental implants. After an oral health assessment and some in-depth measurements of the patient’s mouth, the dental implants can be placed. In a minor surgical procedure, the dentist will place small metal posts into the jawbone of the patient. The new teeth will then be attached to these posts at Sutton Implant Clinic after a brief rest period.

The patient’s jawbone establishes a powerful bond with the implanted posts, which means the new teeth are firmly rooted and won’t fall out. Plus, they help to maintain the bone structure of the patient’s face. Thus, dental implants can prevent the development of a sunken facial appearance.

Quality of life

Dental implants from Sutton Implant Clinic can enhance a person’s overall health. Patients might find they regain some confidence after dental implants. Sutton Implant Clinic has a wealth of experience in providing dental implants in a huge variety of cases.