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Triline Quality Door Systems supplies versatile and stylish interior bi-fold door systems to the Australian market. The door system’s specifications give maximum efficiency and excellent features.

[DERWENT PARK, 29/6/2018]—Triline Quality Door Systems, a leading source for high quality door systems in Australia, supplies an excellent range of versatile and stylish Pivotfold interior bi-fold door systems for residential and commercial applications. The door systems come with a long list of excellent features to make them stand out in the market.

Bi-Fold Door Systems

The Pivotfold interior bi-fold door systems are attractive additions to modern interiors. They are designed with a neat and symmetrical appearance that lends a contemporary aesthetic look to any space. As a high-quality and stunning entryway, they complement well-designed residential and commercial areas while maximising available space. They are lightweight to transport and carry, making them easy for workers to install.

Features and Specifications

Interior bi-fold systems come in varying sizes and thickness. They can also be designed using leaves of a certain width without cutting down the leaf adjacent to the post. This helps designers, architects and workers achieve smoother operations when installing a door to cover an opening between two walls.

The end-folding floating units have four or six leaves that can be pivoted to both sides of the opening. Since clients can choose to fold the door systems according to their liking, their appearance is very versatile for the look of an entryway.

The specifications of the Pivotfold door systems include:

• Max Leaf Width – 900mm/leaf
• Max Height – 3000mm
• Max Weight – 25kg
• Leaf Thickness – 35-50mm

About Triline Quality Door Systems

Triline Quality Door Systems promises exceptional products that are built to last. They are committed to providing the finest quality sliding and folding door systems on the market. Established in 1996, the company began as a supplier of 50 cavity doors and transformed itself into a leading door manufacturing business for thousands of clients across Australia. To complement their doors, they also provide well-designed and robust hardware for effortless use.

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