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TrustLogics is a carefully crafted online job platform which connects a lot of dots and lines that are currently void in the global hiring industry. We are creating a global standard for the hiring process. Think of us as the barcodes of the world that you see on every consumer product. TrustLogics is NOT a job portal or social media platform or some hypothetical system of the future. It is a real solution that exists today and can be integrated within every type of hiring process.

At its core, TrustLogics is a just an API based web application with mobile app end points. But what sets it apart are these properties: -global, fast, secure, scalable, artificially intelligent and blockchain enabled. Here at TrustLogics, we pair technology with common sense! Because what is the point in building a technologically advanced product that doesn’t make business sense. For instance, in the blockchain piece of our solution, we decided to go with a hybrid approach — a private blockchain to store and retrieve data with user-set permissions; and a public blockchain to record transactions.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
It starts with 100% private networking. Except for the auto generated 10-digit TL Number which is public, rest of your profile is completely private and shared within your private network based on the permissions that you set. With a click of a button, you can broadcast your availability status to all your private network members instantaneously. From a recruiter perspective, you get pre-screened qualified candidates to begin with, and with whom you can privately network and build relationships. A standardized solution that can accommodate and scale up to the needs of 27 different industries viz. IT, Construction, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, etc. At the same time, nimble enough to be adapted to the needs of all 194 countries of the world.

Independent Service Providers
Majority of hiring solutions that exist today are targeting professionals, only a few are serving the skilled labor market. TrustLogics is proud to announce that our platform is ready for the skilled labor market, be it construction, manufacturing or even independent service providers (ISPs). By leveraging the blockchain solution, these ISPs can create digital portfolios that can be shared with the public even outside of TrustLogics platform.

Mission Statement
“To establish TrustLogics as the global unique standard, optimizing communications for the job market while transforming the hiring process.”After availability status, job seeker’s current contact details are the greatest mystery for any recruiter. TrustLogics not only solves that mystery by providing verified contact details but also opens up an additional channel of communication — TrustLogics internal messaging system. Together with the mobile apps, job seekers can communicate with employers and recruiters on the go while fully preserving their data privacy.