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Gulf Harbor Insurance offers homeowners’ coverage that can repair or rebuild a property or recover possessions after a disaster or any incident.

[CAPE CORAL, 31/5/2018] – Gulf Harbor Insurance knows that a client’s home is not only their most valuable asset, but it also represents family, lifestyle, and years of hard work. The company reiterates that having an insurance policy for their home can protect everything the client has worked so hard to achieve.

The Right Insurance Coverage

A client with home insurance has the advantage of recovering damaged property and restoring possessions repairs or rebuilding after a disaster. The different types of insurance policy cover the following concerns:

• Damage to personal property due to causes detailed in the policy
• Liability coverage to the client and the family on and off the property
• Damage to the house and any permanent structures on the property
• Temporary living expenses if the house becomes unfit for habitation after a disaster

With a homeowners insurance policy through the company, clients can cover the cost of rebuilding their lives with policies that match their needs and situation.

A Commitment to Clients

Gulf Harbor Insurance helps clients choose additional coverage to the policy such as replacement cost, jewelry, liability, and the like. Many insurance policies cover damage due to theft, lightning, fire, wind, and hail. Other policies also cover floods and earthquakes.

The insurance company adds that there is no one-size-fits-all policy. As such, Gulf Harbor Insurance carefully listens to its clients’ needs, and evaluates the best options before recommending the appropriate coverage.

The company remarks, “We do more than provide insurance; our goal is to educate our customers about their insurance options and to find a policy that meets their needs.”

About Gulf Harbor Insurance

Founded in 2012, Gulf Harbor Insurance started with a vision of creating a property and casualty insurance agency that does more than sell insurance. As a division of LRCI Inc., it dreamed of opening an insurance agency that educates customers about insurance options and helping them pick their best coverage.

The company provides a wide range of policies, including personal, business, auto, flood, and special event policies. For more information, go to today.