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To clarify the content, ticket stipend 5,000 RMB for 6 months is the normal deal in the package, while round trip flights base on the 6 months staying is the latest promotion. I guess you can include the second one in the press release.

Beijing, China, April, 2018 – The educational Au Pair program by China educators allows you to attend the lectures of your choice at Renmin University, Beijing, China.

China Educators offers best Edu Au Pair services possible for their Edu Au Pairs. They have a lot of Chinese families for the Edu Au pairs to join them, learn with them and explore China in the most unique way possible. China Educators have signed up a partnership with Renmin University in Beijing, China. The Renmin University is one of the most prestigious universities in China. The Educational aspect of our program is something very important we focus on. Providing our Au Pairs with the educational opportunities is something which makes our Au Pair program different from the regular Au Pair programs.

The participants of our Edu Au Pair program can attend any of the lectures at the Renmin University. They are allowed to choose any lecture based on the subjects they are interested in. For attending the lectures at the university, they need to sign up with China Educators team. After signing up, the team will get the Au Pairs registered for the respective lectures.

Here is an example of one of the recent lectures which took place at the Renmin University:

Topic: East Asian International Relations
Lecturer: Professor Robert Ross

Topic 1: The Changing US-China Maritime Balance and Its Implications
Topic 2: The False Promise of Russian Balancing
Topic 3: A Rising China and the Cross-Strait Relations

They will have several other lectures like these, based on various subjects chosen by the Au Pairs. This is how they focus on the educational aspect of the Edu Au Pair program as the participants attend these lectures by their choice at the Renmin University of China.

Signing up for being an Au Pair in China gives you an opportunity to join a Chinese family, experience their daily life and offers round trip flights base on the 6 months staying. You may stay with their children or even help the children with their studies too. The Edu au pair program by China Educators gives you an opportunity to grow as a person by learning and making friends in China. Most of all the focus lies on how exciting the China Educator’s Au pair services would be.

About the Company:
Located in Beijing, China, China Educators is a leading Au Pair agency since a 2009 which have sent hundreds of Chinese young people Au Pairing in Europe and US and in 2011 we started Edu Au Pairs to come to China. Their Professional team with problem solving spirit have years of experience which enables them to coordinate cross-cultural problems, master visa policies and a good adviser and helper throughout their program. They have many connections with the schools and law firms throughout China. If you decide to start a career as an English teacher or internship in law firms, they have a good referral. They are a proud Au Pair agency which guarantees the best service possible for their Edu Au Pairs.

Contact Details:
Address: Suite 911, Aojia Fandian,
Dongzhimenwai Dajie #26,
Chaoyang District, 100027,
Beijing, China
Phone Number: +86 (0) 10 64164168