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Clifton, NJ – As the big day draws near the soon to be wed couple will start to feel the pressure and stress of planning a wedding. There’s a long list of must-dos that many couples panic and some even start to fight. This is fairly common during the wedding planning process, but once all the details have come together, it is worth it to celebrate love and commitment together with all your friends and family.

Big-ticket items such as the wedding venue, wedding cake, caterer, and flowers are often first on the list there is another important must have that should be booked as early as possible an NJ wedding DJ. Many couples will debate if they should hire a band or a DJ for their big day, but as everyone knows the Best Wedding DJs in New Jersey are more versatile. It is even a bigger bonus if the chosen DJ has a close tie with the venue and offers different types of packages for weddings.

Mystical Entertainment Group is a team of experts when it comes to creating a memorable night. By customizing and choosing an NJ wedding DJ package that matches your style, wedding theme, and budget the night will forever be remembered by you, your partner, and all your guests.

Different Wedding Packages

“The Shooting Star Package is best for intimate weddings with no more than 125 guests attending,” describes an ME representative. “The package is considered as basic, but impressive with 3 top of the line speakers, LED lights for added effect, and the ever important backup equipment,” they add. Just because it’s a small package does not mean it won’t be a hit during the reception.

“The Cosmic Package is perfect for couples who want to add more flair and style to their wedding reception entertainment. It comes with a new custom DJ booth, a light show that is specifically designed to match the venue and your theme, and of course state of the art sound system.” Confirms the best wedding DJs in New Jersey. “There are more perks to choosing the cosmic package, couples just need to inquire for more details,” they conclude.

“The Stellar Package remains as the most popular choice for weddings because it is customized to entertain up to 175 guests, but with an addition of a TV package, more people can enjoy what our talented DJs can offer. Just ask about the possible add-ons and other perks of the package and we will be glad to help.” Says the rep for Mystical Entertainment.

“Finally for couples who want the biggest and most memorable entertainment package, the Premiere Package is just the ticket. This the latest wedding package from Mystical Entertainment that offers a “concert” experience. The Premiere Package is best for big weddings that won’t be forgotten soon!” Reps announce with excitement.

Do not forget to shop around the different packages, add-ons, and even the “a la carte” entertainment menu of Mystical Entertainment. Your dream wedding entertainment is just a few clicks away. Visit for more details and information about booking a DJ or a wedding package for your big day. Don’t wait until the last minute or you’ll miss the chance of booking the best wedding DJs in New Jersey.