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Los Angeles, California, USA – 10 January – Melody Signs is a website where is presented an album of singer Melody. The song entitled “New Thing” was written to encourage listeners to look forward to what God brought in their lives. “His Love” touches God’s embrace and love he gives to his children. The third song from the album called “Holding on to you” tells about our relationships with God through life’s challenges and moments of disappointment and frustration. The whole album is made of 9 songs, each having unique and deep sense, so all you have to do is to listen to these songs and to understand how important is the presence of God in our souls and our belief in him.
Melody sings songs in Christian and Soul genres. Religious or Spiritual music is the music associated with religious texts intended for performance during a church service, or in everyday life. Under the sacred music in the narrow sense is meant the Christian church music; in the broadest sense, the sacred music is not confined to accompaniment of worship and is not limited to Christianity. The texts of works of sacred music can be both canonical and free written on the basis of, or under the influence of the holy books. For Christians the holy book is Bible, so most of religious songs are written on lyrics which are taken from Holy Bible.
The most common genres of Christian, Catholic and Protestant sacred music are borrowed from church music. These are: chorale, psalm, hymn (including Te Deum, Ave Maria), High Mass (including funeral Requiem), sequence and passion (Passion). Each of these genres has its own story, but common to all is that they were created in the church and the right to compose works of a spiritual nature, not only text, but also the music of their arrangement, originally belonged exclusively to priests (for example, the authorship of most chants of Roman liturgy medieval tradition attributed to Pope Gregory I). Over time, the right to perform musical accompaniment of the canonical texts was provided to secular composers. After the Reformation became widespread spiritual writings on non-canonical texts, such as chants, hymns and later Passions.
In our time, spiritual music is becoming ever more relevant. People began to read a lot of spiritual literature, and therefore develop their spirit by all possible means, including music. The same interest in sacred music began to show and the contemporary composers. They write the author’s spiritual music and also perform the processing of written earlier sacred music. Such singer is Melody, a contemporary talented singer of gospel music.

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