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Chicago, Illinois – November 21, 2016 – Without a Trace has been repairing fine leather and fur clothing on the north side of Chicago for over 30 years. They receive hundreds of leather jackets a year, some torn apart and others with tiny rips, and diligently repair them all with grace and skill. Celebrity magician and host Penn Jillette’s favorite leather jacket received that same magnanimous attention.

In a YouTube video posted online, Jillette gushes over the repairs to his 1976 leather jacket he purchased at the same Army & Navy Story in Freehold, NJ where Bruce Springsteen bought his. It was his jacket of choice while helping the Ramones load in equipment in Philadelphia. In the late 70’s he wore the jacket year round. It is safe to say that for decades, the leather jacket was and still is his favorite article of clothing.

Over the years, the jacket was beaten up to the point where it was no longer wearable. Realizing how much the jacket meant to her husband, Emily Zolten Jillette sent the jacket to Without a Trace in Chicago after finding the site online. He was blown away by the work.

He did a little bit of work on it. No, he didn’t work on it a little bit. Actually, he worked on it a wicked lot [匽 It now looks beautiful. Look at that lining. It’s his own fuchsia lining. It sums up the whole punk movement.

Jillette bought the jacket when he was 21 years old and can now enjoy it for the foreseeable future. Without a Trace’s tailors and reweavers make magic happen like this every day. They’re highly skilled in a variety of techniques, ranging from the lost arts of French weaving, inweaving, and knitting to the cleaning, repair, and protection of leather.

Not only can they work miracles on suits and leather jackets, they have a long history of repairing luxurious furs, haute purses, and the ubiquitous Ugg boots. Michael Ehrlich, the owner of Without a Trace, takes pride in the work his company does. Each article of clothing he receives is treated with the utmost respect.

It was an absolute pleasure to repair Penn’s jacket. We didn’t even know it was his! We repair every piece that comes in with the same expert skill and care. Nothing makes me happier than repairing a client’s favorite suit or jacket. It’s like repairing a memory. Penn posted the video some time ago but we have never alerted clients. We thought now was a good time because we were urged by clients to let others know.

Contact Without a Trace to repair your torn leather jackets, ripped suits, and roughed up furs. Their professional reweavers and tailors work real magic, just ask Penn.

Without A Trace Weavers has set the standards for the garment repair industry for over 30 years from its Chicago locations.

For more information call 800-475-4922 or (773) 588-4922 or send an email to You can learn more about all of the additional services Without a Trace has to offer at

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