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Context rich systems or also known as context aware computing systems is a direct response to the growing demand of reactive & adaptive technology and personalization of the user experience. Context Rich systems is the accumulation of raw data with the help of analytics. The raw data include awareness of the surrounding environment and subsequently responds to the user actions. Some of the software’s designed for consumer centric/ commercial use at mobile platform level include Siri, Cortana and Google Now.

The major beneficiaries of context rich systems can be realized at both commercial and enterprise level depending upon the requirement of the user. The different applications wherein context rich systems can play a pivotal role in steering the growth of respective markets include e-commerce & retail industry, healthcare sector, financial & banking (BFSI) services, travel & hospitality industry and transportation industry.

The ecosystem of the context rich systems market is inclusive of both hardware and software components. The different hardware assisting the collection of raw data include sensors and actuators embedded into the various portable devices. Social networking sites wherein most of the customer information and preferences are generally available in public include, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. In total, there are currently more than 1.40 billion registered users on Facebook, 1 billion on Google+, 300+ million on Twitter and the number of registered users continue to grow.

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Companies are leveraging on the technology and tools to outreach to vast numbers of active users among these social networking sites. Most of the companies are expected to leverage on tools and techniques to gather information and provide context rich and right information to the customers at the right time.