Use RapidPlas’ Slimline and Small Corrugated Rainwater Tanks for Residential and Commercial Applications

Based on a report by, some Australian cities are vulnerable to long droughts similar to the one that recently caused a water shortage in Cape Town. Australians from different states are looking for ways to stock up on water. RapidPlas offers various sized water tanks for residents.

[TAMWORTH, 31/05/2018] — In 2015, a catastrophic drought in Western Cape, South Africa resulted in a critical shortage of water in the region, mainly affecting the city of Cape Town. Today, climate change specialists have named some Australian cities as vulnerable to a drought similar to the one in South Africa.

Severe Water Shortage

If Australia were subjected to a drought, Brisbane would be the most vulnerable state capital to be affected by a severe water shortage. With several desalination plants already installed and operating, Adelaide and Perth are the best-equipped states to endure the shortage of water. However, without desalination plants, Canberra, Darwin and Hobart would have no water at all during a major drought.

Based on data from the Cross Dependency Initiative, Adelaide and Perth would even be able to offer sufficient levels of water to neighbouring states, while Sydney would only be able to provide enough water to meet necessities such as hygiene and consumption needs for residents.

Rohan Hamden a specialist on climate control, it was likely that Adelaide and Perth would only have sufficient water for residential properties, while agricultural and commercial would have to go without.

Using Water Tanks to Stock Water

RapidPlas offers a broad range of slimline corrugated rainwater tanks that are suitable for residential and commercial purposes. Their range of small water tanks can hold capacities between 500 litres to 5,000 litres. Each tank comes with a dust cover, a stainless-steel strainer and an overflow kit.

All their tanks are manufactured based on the standards of AS/NZS 4766. This assures clients that RapidPlas provides long-lasting rainwater tanks

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