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Rapid Plas supplies tanks and accessories designed for easy livestock watering. The company also provides on-site delivery for some of their products.

[TAMWORTH, 29/05/2018] – Rapid Plas, a family owned and operated rotational moulding business based in Australia, supplies high-quality tanks, accessories and other supplies for livestock watering needs. The company also offers on-site delivery for their larger products.

Livestock Watering Tanks and Supplies

Rapid Plas simplifies livestock watering with their collection of durable tanks and accessories for the farming industry. Their range of livestock troughs are as durable as concrete, but with the added convenience of being lighter and more mobile. Clients may purchase tanks and accessories as packages or as individual items. For those who are planning to set up their own watering system, livestock packages provide more cost-effective options.

The livestock watering systems are suitable for agricultural applications, particularly for horses, cattle and sheep. RapidPlas livestock watering packages include:

• Tanks
• Two outlets on each tank
• Plastic troughs
• Water beacon level indicator
• Ball valves

Freight Information

RapidPlas provide free delivery for their livestock watering systems. For on-site delivery, Rapid Plas requires clear access on the field for a truck and trailer combination. The average space needed for a semi-trailer is around 19 metres long, 3.5 metres wide and 5 metres high. If clients cannot provide space for the freight vehicles, the driver will deliver the products to the closest possible area near their client’s location.

Aside from the driver, Rapid Plas will need two or three people to carry the tanks before placing them on the pad. If tank installations are delayed, the company recommends leaving them on their side and securely tied down to prevent incidents.

About Rapid Plas

As one of the most successful rotational moulding family businesses in Australia, RapidPlas takes pride in their years of extensive experience in the poly product industry. They employ over 60 local staff and support local communities by promoting local businesses and products. The company designs and manufactures an extensive range of quality commercial, residential and agricultural poly products that suit various needs.

For more information about Rapid Plas and their products, visit their website at