RMC Cement Use is Growing in India

The Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) industry is growing due to the superior technical properties over normal concrete, but the potential is still huge
The cement companies are able to leverage the RMC market in a better way since cement is one of the essential ingredients in the manufacture of RMC.

Every construction site needs concrete and technology has come a long way in making it more accessible and easy to use on site. Ready mix concrete or RMC as it is popularly know is made at a plant and then brought to the site in the ready form in a truck. This actually helps speed up the process of construction on site and helps the builders meet delivery deadlines.
The use of RMC is growing due to its superior technical properties than normal concrete. The difference between normal concrete and RMC lies in the technology used for production, transportation and placement. In the case of RMC, all the ingredients are proportioned in accordance with the standard codes of practice to get the targeted strength and durability. The quality of concrete depends on the way it is mixed, placed, compacted, finished, cured and protected. RMC used in construction makes it possible to achieve speed with quality

Putting some of the points below

Miscalculation of form volume or slab thickness when actual dimensions exceed the assumed dimensions by even a fraction.

Deflection or distortion of the formwork.

Smaller quantities wasted or used in incidental works for large pours.

Measure formwork accurately & order sufficient quantity to finish the job.

Masons ought to be restricted & transit mixer operators ought not to be forced to add water.
If the workability (slump) of ready mixed concrete is not as expected, the RMC supplier should be informed.

RMC would be usable for up to 3 hours
International standards specify that RMC must be discharged from the transit mixer truck within 2 hours of the time of loading. It is also mandatory to make arrangements at site to ensure that full load of ready mixed concrete is discharged within 30 minutes of arrival on site.

The Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) industry in India is in its early stages with cement consumption of just 2-3 per cent of total production. However, since the demand for RMC is expected to grow exponentially, cement manufacturers in India such as Ultratech, ACC, Ambuja Cements, among others, have forayed into the business. As the industry grows, it will make aggregate distribution and production more organized as large players are likely to venture into the aggregates business themselves or have a long-term relationship with commercial aggregate companies.

The acceptability of RMC is certainly high in large cities and metros and as many as around 40 cities are currently using RMC for several infrastructure projects. Specifications in tenders by municipal corporations, public works and other government bodies will play a big role in growth of RMC.

While the presence of Ready-Mixed Concrete (RMC) in India has been growing steadily over the past few years.
However, the RMC segment is expected to grow at a healthy rate in the next few years with markets expecting to see a turnaround shortly and an increased emphasis on quality, safety and speed within the Indian construction industry.

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