When it is finally time to get a prosthetic arm, you need to make sure that you are set up for success from the very beginning. This means choosing a good prosthetist to help make and fit the new arm. There are a few simple tips that you can employ to ensure that you ultimately make the best decision.

Get Recommendations from Your Doctor

Your attending physician or surgeon is the best source of information about where to find a good prosthetist. If you already have already identified one, get confirmation from your doctor that you have made a good choice. If the doctor or surgeon seems hesitant about your choice, you may want to think about looking for a different option.

Set Up an Interview

You shouldn’t be in a rush to get a prosthetic so take your time and conduct an interview or two if necessary. Ask the prosthetist about other amputees he has worked with, preferably those with similar type of limb loss as yours. A prosthetist with a record of happy clients is definitely a great choice. You can also enquire about robotic prosthetics or any other special requirements you might have just to make sure that the manufacturer will be able to meet your demands and expectations.

Find One Close to Home

You will likely be making multiple trips to and from the prosthetists office. You also want to make sure that any problems or repairs can be addressed as soon as possible. Choose a prosthetist close to home where it is convenient for you. Alternatively, ask if he makes house calls. Your convenience should be a priority since you are just getting used to artificial limbs and long trips or lengthy waiting times may not be possible.

Ask About Credentials

If you are happy so far, make sure that the prosthetists also has the right training, education, experience and credentials. Prefer a prosthetist with good experience fitting patients with your type of amputation. Opt for a facility that is accredited by one or two reputable organizations such as the American Board for Certification in Orthotics. Finally, ensure that the prosthetist is properly licensed and do some back ground check to make sure that there are no court cases or conviction related to is practice.

Choosing a good prosthetist ensures that you get a good prosthetic arm that allows you to continue with your normal life as much as possible. Finally, is important that you have reasonable expectations since a prosthetic can never quite replace a real limb.

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