It’s common practice that the bride takes care of the gowns of her bridesmaids especially if she wants her vision to materialize. When a bride has full control over the details of her wedding, the chances of her transforming into a complete bridezilla is lessened, and who wouldn’t want that? Now, there are also cases wherein it becomes very difficult for the bride to gather all of her girls in one place to schedule the fitting of their gowns because they’re located in different parts of the world. This is when the option of sending the peg, color theme, and style to the bridesmaid is considered.

The million dollar question is, where does one find these bridesmaid dresses?

More Shopping Less Traffic
Bridesmaids who are in charge of their own dresses are in for long hours (or days) of looking for the perfect dress. They go through piles of evening gowns, maxi dresses, party dresses, and cocktail dresses to find the one that comes close to what the bride wants them to wear on the day of the wedding. The hunt can be a bit daunting since the malls are far from each other and, well, there’s traffic. So, why not take the whole shopping experience online? It’s a lot easier to look for dresses since you just have to type the right keywords, you can immediately see if the stocks are available, you don’t have to deal with those awfully long lines, and the best part? No hours of sitting in the car because of traffic! It’s shopping at your own convenience!

Hassle-Free Search at ClothingCandy
Their dresses are organized according to type, size, occasion, length, and color so there’s no need to browse through every single page. You can easily zero in on the dress that you want. It’s also a lot easier to look for the bridesmaid dress singapore that will fit your body type because they are also filed under plus size and petite. That way, you can easily assess if the dress will compliment your figure or not. Remember, it’s also important for the bridesmaid to stand out during the wedding. If you’re on a budget, that’s fine as well as the dresses can also be arranged according to price range.

If the Dress Fits…
Anyone who buys dresses online has one question in mind: “will it fit me?”. We came up with the perfect solution to that conundrum and that’s the sizing guide. ClothingCandy takes customer service seriously by adding instructions on how to measure the dresses. There are different ways to measure long dresses and short dresses and it’s fitting that ClothingCandy takes into consideration that not everyone is aware of this.

ClothingCandy is the perfect go-to when you need to find dresses online. They take online dress shopping to a whole new level, and you don’t need to worry about making the wrong decision because they are willing to step you every step of the way.

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