Why women love wearing pashminas

Dallas, TX – Feb 10, 2017 – Fashion trends have come and gone over the years. But the pashminas trend is here to stay; this is according to fashion analyst Miriam Khan of khyberBazaar.com.
A pashmina is a huge, rectangular shawl made of cashmere wool blended with silk. Originally coming from goat wool from the Kashmir region in Pakistan.
However, Ms. Khan said, “The wool comes from a very remote region, is not in abundant supply and consequently that makes the Pashmina wool more expensive. If you find something selling for $10 to $20, that is not Pashmina”. She further pointed out that there has been a boom in popularity ever since celebrities such as Kate Moss and Nicole Kidman started wearing them in the 90`s. That spike in demand and the constrained supply keeps prices at a premium.
She further mentioned that you can find good quality Pashmina shawls and scarves in several colors at their online store http://khyberbazaar.com.
“Women have grown to love them so much as they make them look stylish and sophisticated you can wear them as a neck or head scarf, simply wrap or drape over your shoulders for super comfort and versatility.”
KhyberBazaar.com is a leading e-commerce store that stocks good quality woolen shawls and Pashminas along with Pakistani male clothing and footwear.

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