Christmas and New Year is a very special occasion to cherish our love for our near and dear ones. This is the time to splurge in parties and drink to prosperity and good luck. It is the time for pomp and show, fireworks, gifts, sparkling lights, sumptuous feasts and decorations. So in this auspicious occasion a makeover of your house is as interesting as the idea of gifting someone beautiful home decor products. Baaya Design brings you some beautiful and unique products which can be used for gifting during the occasion of joy not only this but it can be even used for your home as adorning and enhancing its perfection before Christmas or New Year. Baaya Design allows you to choose from the exclusive range of products that can be gifted as a token of love to your near and dear ones on the occasion of Christmas and New Year.

Baaya Design Presents Thread Lamp, Brass cut Lamp and silk cloth pattern Lamps. These are home decor lamps which are in three different varieties and can be used as normal party lamps at home or for occasions like Christmas, New Year, when you have guest at your home and you need some good colourful lights to be used for the theme and decor to enlighten the environment.

You can choose an enhance the enticement of each shot with these colorful and quirky designed Shot Glasses. Patterns include peacock, majestic paisley, ornate mughal and blooming flowers. When not in use the shot glass makes a perfect décor for your home interior. The design against a light background makes the glass look graceful and makes your friends fans of your collection.

Baaya Design has made use of brass which is used on the Bottel openers with various patterns and designs making it unique and stylish. Dhokra was used to specify a group of travelling craftsmen scattered over Bengal, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh who were identified by their marvellously fashioned and oramented metal goods. These bottle openers can be a perfect gift for christmas and new year.

Baaya Tea light holders: Inspired by nature, these beautiful, handcrafted, tea light holders in a flower design create a warm cosy and serene environment. The lights give us a festive feel and also makes a perfect gift for this season. They also make great table decorations piece.

So pull up your socks and head to the Baaya Design store at Lower Parel as the time has come to make a right choice of artefact to adorn your home.