Hong Kong – Slope Safety Parent-child Carnival opens tomorrow

Slope Safety Parent-child Carnival opens tomorrow


     The Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) will hold a Slope Safety Parent-child Carnival from tomorrow (September 8) to September 11 at Domain in Yau Tong to enhance public understanding of landslide hazards and the importance of slope safety.
     With the support of the Buildings Department, the carnival will offer fun-filled interactive games which are enjoyable for all ages. There will also be display panels introducing slope safety information.
     The carnival will be held between 11am and 8pm from tomorrow to September 10 and between 11am and 7pm on September 11 at Atrium, ground floor at Domain in Yau Tong. Admission is free and participants of the interactive games will receive souvenirs. A geotechnical engineer from the CEDD will answer questions from the public on slope safety and maintenance from 11am to 1pm on September 10. A research team from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology will show the danger of landslides to members of the public through an augmented reality game between 11am and 3pm on September 9 and 10.
     Members of the public can visit the Hong Kong Slope Safety website (hkss.cedd.gov.hk/hkss/en/home/index.html) for information on slope safety.

Fuzion Safety Announces Axis Jet as the Most Recent Subscriber of the WBAT Platform as well as ASAP Facilitation Services

 Fuzion Safety, powered by WBAT, is proud to announce Axis Jet as the most recent subscriber of the WBAT platform as well as ASAP facilitation services.

Based in the Greater Sacramento Area, Axis Jet assists clients through various aspects of their aviation journey, including not only air charter but also aircraft acquisition, management, and brokerage services. Safety and customer service are the top priorities for Axis Jet, an Argus/Wyvern-certified company with aircraft based in multiple locations.

Per Matt Bosco and Dan Kimmel, owners of Axis Jet:
“Axis Jet is a truly unique aviation company that brings passion and personalized service to aircraft acquisition, sales, management, and charter. Axis Jet was founded in 2004 from a desire to better serve our clients in the selection and use of their aircraft from an independent and objective point of view. Today, we serve as an aviation partner to a discriminating list of clients who enjoy all the benefits and value that aircraft ownership has to offer.

“Axis Jet’s market focus is derived from our experience with Challengers, Falcons, Hawkers, Citations, and near-new, high-end Beechcraft and Pilatus family aircraft. As seasoned veterans of this industry, our contacts and experience enable us to integrate a wide variety of services that are required when purchasing, owning, or chartering an aircraft. Our facility at Sacramento Executive Airport (KSAC) is home to our corporate headquarters, pilot, and flight dispatch center.

“Safety is a priority to Axis Jet, having received a Gold Rating from the Aviation Research Group US (ARG/US) CHEQ System, which is awarded to FAR Part 135 Aircraft Charter Operators who, as a result of a safety audit, are found to not only have good, well-documented policies and procedures (as well as good management structure and performance), but also show that these policies/procedures are followed in practices conducive to safe operations.”

Moreover, Matt Rogers, Safety Manager at Axis Jet, offered:
“Axis Jet is excited to work with Fuzion Safety, Powered by WBAT, and be part of a program that the FAA stands behind. Safety is a critical part of our business, which is why working with Fuzion Safety to implement the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) and our Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) has made it easier to work closely with the FAA to identify—and mitigate—potential risks. We feel Fuzion Safety is able to deliver great tools that give us operational transparency and an effective safety culture.”

With Axis Jet joining the WBAT community, Kamron Githens, Fuzion Safety’s Program Manager, added:

“Axis Jet offers so much to the aviation industry, and we look forward to providing their Safety Management System (SMS) needs and ASAP facilitation services as they continue to advance their safety culture.”

Fuzion Safety encompasses such various services as the WBAT platform, the Flight Dynamics flight data analysis system, and ASAP facilitation services. Fuzion Safety is powered by the WBAT platform, a web-based platform for SMSs that supports all aspects of a complete SMS, including safety policy, safety risk management, safety assurance, safety promotion, and SMS recordkeeping and documentation. Fuzion Safety subscribers have access to support, training, and customizations to help organizations utilize WBAT to its fullest potential.

Any organization can utilize the WBAT platform to collect, process, and analyze safety reports; conduct audits; and identify as well as manage risk. To learn more, visit www.fuzionsafety.com.

Fuzion Safety
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Japan – Hexagon’s Safety, InfrastructuFujitsu and Hexagon digital twin tech aids predictive disaster and traffic safety management

Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division and Fujitsu Limited today announced the joint development of digital twin applications for predicting and mitigating natural disasters and traffic accidents. The solutions reflect the two companies’ ongoing efforts to realize resilient, disaster-resistant cities based on an alliance formed in June 2022.

To support disaster mitigation, the two companies are developing a prediction model that calculates the extent and impact of flooding from precipitation data, visualizes the extent of flooding and performs damage prediction analysis. Based on the analysis, cities can develop disaster response plans.

To support traffic safety, the companies have focused on an application that identifies areas where heavy traffic and road design heighten the risk of accidents and proposes measures for improvement. The application would allow city planners and road administrators to develop safer, more resilient transportation networks.

Going forward, Fujitsu and Hexagon will continue conducting field trials with customers in the administrative, municipal and transportation sectors to support decision making for urban environmental optimization, with an aim to develop solutions globally by the end of fiscal 2023 ending March 2024.

These use cases will be presented at HxGN LIVE Global 2023, Hexagon’s digital solutions conference in Las Vegas on June 13, 2023.

Coordinating and visualizing data across multiple areas, including medicine, transportation, energy and the environment is vital to protect people and social infrastructure from the various threats posed by natural disasters and other dangers in an increasingly unpredictable world. Leveraging Fujitsu’s Computing as a Service (CaaS) platform, which offers users a powerful suite of easy-to-use services based on Fujitsu’s advanced computing and software technologies, alongside Hexagon’s M.App Enterprise real-time geospatial application, the two companies will use Fujitsu’s ‘digital rehearsal’ technology (1) to analyze and verify disaster threats and optimal disaster preparedness in advance on a digital twin that replicates real world conditions with incredible detail.

The combined solution uses flood forecasting models and precipitation data to perform sophisticated calculations and visualize flooding, as well as to address challenges and use cases in the medical, financial, public and distribution industries, such as infrastructure damage forecasting, formulation of disaster response plans and estimation of damage amounts. In addition, it aims to secure safe evacuation routes and support infrastructure protection in the event of abnormal weather and natural disasters by leveraging weather IoT sensors and weather forecast services that monitor temperature and rainfall.

According to a 2022 study report compiled by the World Health Organization (WHO) (2), 50 million people are seriously injured and 1.35 million die annually from traffic accidents. Many accidents are caused by excessive speed, improper road guidance or the road environment. To reduce such accidents, it is important to visualize where accidents frequently occur, analyze the causes of accidents and propose solutions.

Through a combination of Hexagon’s geospatial visualization tool M. App Enterprise and Fujitsu’s infrastructure services, the companies have developed an application that visualizes areas with high levels of traffic accidents; analyzes traffic volumes, road design, signs and other factors; and provides recommendations for reducing traffic accidents in accordance with the Road Safety Toolkit of the International Road Assessment Program (iRAP).

For example, in a spot where traffic volume is low but accidents frequently occur, several improvement measures, such as speed control, installation of warning signs and separation of traffic routes between pedestrians and vehicles by guardrails, are presented together for a cost effective solution. These proposals for city planners, road administrators, local governments and consulting services contribute to the reduction of traffic accidents and the creation of safe and secure communities.

Going forward, Fujitsu and Hexagon will continue conducting field trials with customers in the administrative, municipal and transportation sectors to support decision making for urban environmental optimization, with an aim to develop further solutions globally.

Mladen Stojic, president of government, transportation, defense and security for Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division, said the partnership with Fujitsu continues to pay dividends for cities.

“Hexagon is proud to work with Fujitsu to provide cities with tools to take control of their futures,” said Stojic. “By monitoring and mitigating factors that have negative impacts on society, from pollution to traffic congestion to flooding, our partnership is helping to make urban areas more sustainable and liveable.”

Yoshinami Takahashi, SEVP, Head of Global Business Solutions of Fujitsu Limited said, “We are very pleased to report on the progress of our partnership with Hexagon, which represents a big step towards realizing Fujitsu’s Trusted Society for Fujitsu Uvance. This new, global offering promotes “sustainability transformation,” combining the strengths of both companies to address many complex issues facing society that cannot be solved through existing means.”

(1) Digital rehearsal technology:
A type of technology that makes it possible to search for optimum measures by reproducing human behavior and social phenomena of urban areas on a digital twin as a “rehearsal” for actual application in the real world, allowing users to grasp the possible impacts of such measures.
(2) 2022 study report compiled by the World Health Organization (WHO) :
Road traffic injuries (20 June 20

Safety in Seconds ends fear of violence in schools, public buildings

BILLERICA, Mass.March 16, 2023PRLog — A Billerica resident has launched a business to stem the tide of violence in schools and other public buildings.

Products from Safety in Seconds (SIS),  will end the fear of violence—whether in schools or other public buildings, including governmental, medical and business offices.

“We turn rooms, including classrooms and offices, into safe spaces by safely securing doors, windows and corridors,” said Billerica resident and SIS Chief Executive Officer Richard Dellarciprete. “With our TeacherLocks and Ballistic Barrier products installed —including bullet-resistant shades, curtains and corridor dividers—and Battenshield Barricades, students and office staff can go about their day, confident that they will be safe if a violent intruder intent on bodily harm enters their building.”

*Since the massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado, more than 338,000 students have experienced gun violence at their schools. Over the past 10 years, there were at least 1,054 incidents of gunfire on school grounds, resulting in 346 deaths and 747 injuries nationally.

In Uvalde, Texas, where 19 children and two adults lost their lives from gunfire, no one would have died if the school had been equipped with SIS products.

SIS’s Smart Protection Solutions rooms are secured within 10 and 17 seconds. Safety features include:

  • TeacherLocks (door locks may be opened on the outside with a special tool).
  • Ballistic Barrier Products (bullet-resistant shades, curtains, and corridor dividers).
  • Battenshield Door Barricades (lock designated doors that no one can penetrate).

Upon receiving a lockdown alert, teachers lock doors through an activator and lower levers on a Battenshield Barricades in only a few seconds.

TeacherLocks are locked by teachers while Battenshield Barricades can be locked by teachers or students of any age. Ballistic Barrier shades and corridor curtains are lowered electronically from a command center in under 20 seconds, preventing bullets from penetrating doors and windows.

Only a few protection products on the market today are approved and/or certified by governing agencies. SIS researched products offering only “the best of the best,” said Dellarciprete, as the company installs all products to ensure they will operate properly.

SIS’s Solutions are Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved and Made in USA.

When costs are amortized over four years (9-12), 13 years (K-12) or over a 20-year plus period (life of SIS’s protection solutions), product and installation prices amount to a low fee per year, per student.

Said former Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, on August 25, 2022. “It is incumbent upon us to do all that we can to provide safe classrooms in schools for our children to learn, grow and succeed and for adults to feel comfortable in.” Baker proposed spending nearly $40 million to increase safety in schools across the Commonwealth.

Safety is Seconds is a Handicapped, Veteran, and Job Corps Graduate-owned firm. Safety in Seconds’ (SIS) mission is to protect people of all ages—children and adults— from violence that erupts in government, healthcare, schools and other public places. No adult or child should fear going to work or school.

Contact: Richard Dellarciprete, CEO, Safety in Seconds (SIS) at 339-223-1111 (mobile) or e-mail Dick@safetyinseconds.com

All products Made in USA.

Grants are available.

Go to https://www.teacherlock.com/grants for more information.

*Source: https://everytownresearch.org/maps/mass-shootings-in-amer…

Source: “Mass Shootings in America 2009-2020”. Everytown for Gun Safety. (2021). https://bit.ly/3fQBlc2

Major safety boost for French airspace with increased automation

DSNA will deploy SITA’s data-driven Safety Cube solution for enhanced safety


French air navigation service provider, DSNA, has selected SITA’s safety and compliance management solution, SITA Safety Cube, to advance operational safety and promote a strong safety culture. The system will be deployed in French airspace spanning five air route traffic control centers, 70 airports in mainland France and six overseas airports.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), responsible for setting standards concerning air transport, has stipulated that service providers must implement ‘safety management systems’ to manage safety proactively. Using SITA Safety Cube, DSNA aims to raise its safety management standards further.

SITA Safety Cube supports proactive safety management, which focuses on identifying and mitigating potential safety concerns before accidents or incidents happen compared to a more traditional, reactive approach when or after an incident occurs. Moreover, the solution uniquely empowers service providers to monitor the effectiveness of their risk controls by connecting operational safety data with safety risk analysis. It also enables more objective and reliable data-driven safety management decisions.

The user-friendly platform will allow all DSNA’s stakeholders, from operational staff to senior management, to actively participate in safety reporting, promoting a positive safety culture. With this centralized safety data, DSNA can then identify and monitor safety-related risks, such as runway conflicts, and implement the necessary controls to manage risks.

DSNA manages one of the largest and busiest airspaces in Europe – before the pandemic in 2019, the French air navigation service provider (ANSP) controlled over 3.2 million flights. In June of this year, air traffic in France reached 82.5% of pre-pandemic levels, and if this trend continues, this will equate to over 2.7 million flights by the end of 2022. With increasing airspace congestion, safety is a key strategic driver for DSNA’s airspace and air traffic management modernization.

Florian Guillermet, CEO, DSNA, said: “Flight safety is the primary mission of DSNA. Far from being a restriction, it is a driver of development. We have chosen SITA given their combined expertise in aviation safety and data management to help us improve our safety management system and implement the most proactive system possible. SITA Safety Cube allows us to put in place a strong collaborative and data-driven safety strategy where everyone can participate in making safety our top priority.”

Yann Cabaret, CEO, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT, said: “We are honored to partner with DSNA to maximize safety benefits. Beyond the ability to address the operational complexities faced by ANSPs today, we are proud to provide DSNA with a cloud-based solution that meets the highest standards in digital security, confidentiality, and data sovereignty.”