BILLERICA, Mass.March 16, 2023PRLog — A Billerica resident has launched a business to stem the tide of violence in schools and other public buildings.

Products from Safety in Seconds (SIS),  will end the fear of violence—whether in schools or other public buildings, including governmental, medical and business offices.

“We turn rooms, including classrooms and offices, into safe spaces by safely securing doors, windows and corridors,” said Billerica resident and SIS Chief Executive Officer Richard Dellarciprete. “With our TeacherLocks and Ballistic Barrier products installed —including bullet-resistant shades, curtains and corridor dividers—and Battenshield Barricades, students and office staff can go about their day, confident that they will be safe if a violent intruder intent on bodily harm enters their building.”

*Since the massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado, more than 338,000 students have experienced gun violence at their schools. Over the past 10 years, there were at least 1,054 incidents of gunfire on school grounds, resulting in 346 deaths and 747 injuries nationally.

In Uvalde, Texas, where 19 children and two adults lost their lives from gunfire, no one would have died if the school had been equipped with SIS products.

SIS’s Smart Protection Solutions rooms are secured within 10 and 17 seconds. Safety features include:

  • TeacherLocks (door locks may be opened on the outside with a special tool).
  • Ballistic Barrier Products (bullet-resistant shades, curtains, and corridor dividers).
  • Battenshield Door Barricades (lock designated doors that no one can penetrate).

Upon receiving a lockdown alert, teachers lock doors through an activator and lower levers on a Battenshield Barricades in only a few seconds.

TeacherLocks are locked by teachers while Battenshield Barricades can be locked by teachers or students of any age. Ballistic Barrier shades and corridor curtains are lowered electronically from a command center in under 20 seconds, preventing bullets from penetrating doors and windows.

Only a few protection products on the market today are approved and/or certified by governing agencies. SIS researched products offering only “the best of the best,” said Dellarciprete, as the company installs all products to ensure they will operate properly.

SIS’s Solutions are Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved and Made in USA.

When costs are amortized over four years (9-12), 13 years (K-12) or over a 20-year plus period (life of SIS’s protection solutions), product and installation prices amount to a low fee per year, per student.

Said former Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, on August 25, 2022. “It is incumbent upon us to do all that we can to provide safe classrooms in schools for our children to learn, grow and succeed and for adults to feel comfortable in.” Baker proposed spending nearly $40 million to increase safety in schools across the Commonwealth.

Safety is Seconds is a Handicapped, Veteran, and Job Corps Graduate-owned firm. Safety in Seconds’ (SIS) mission is to protect people of all ages—children and adults— from violence that erupts in government, healthcare, schools and other public places. No adult or child should fear going to work or school.

Contact: Richard Dellarciprete, CEO, Safety in Seconds (SIS) at 339-223-1111 (mobile) or e-mail

All products Made in USA.

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Source: “Mass Shootings in America 2009-2020”. Everytown for Gun Safety. (2021).