RACO Investment Presents Solutions to Connectivity and Efficiency Challenges for Maritime Businesses Operating in Remote and Low Bandwidth Environments

RACO Investment has unveiled solutions to address the connectivity and efficiency obstacles maritime businesses face in remote and low-bandwidth environments.

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RACO Investment, a financial investment firm dedicated to supporting small- and medium-sized businesses in Panama and Costa Rica, has recently shared innovative solutions to overcome the connectivity and efficiency challenges maritime businesses and their mobile workforces or customers face when operating in remote and low bandwidth environments. In addition, the companys expertise in facilitating financial backing for startups and providing bridge loans for businesses seeking restructuring or enhancement makes them well-equipped to address the unique challenges of the maritime sector.

Maritime businesses operating in remote and low bandwidth environments often need help with reliable communication systems, which can hinder their ability to provide seamless services to customers and manage their mobile workforces effectively. RACO Investment has identified several strategies to help these businesses overcome obstacles and enhance operational efficiency.

1. Leveraging satellite communication technology: RACO Investment recommends investing in advanced satellite communication systems that provide reliable connectivity even in remote locations. These systems can help businesses maintain constant communication with their mobile workforces and customers, facilitating real-time updates and ensuring uninterrupted service.

2. Optimizing data transmission: The firm suggests employing data compression and optimization techniques to maximize data transmission efficiency in low bandwidth environments. This can help businesses minimize communication delays and reduce the bandwidth required for smooth operations.

3. Implementing edge computing solutions: Edge computing enables data processing closer to the source, which can be particularly beneficial for businesses operating in remote locations with limited connectivity. RACO Investment encourages maritime companies to explore edge computing solutions that can help reduce latency, improve data processing efficiency, and optimize network usage.

4. Adopting cloud-based services: RACO Investment advises businesses to consider adopting cloud-based services, which can help streamline their operations and provide greater resource management flexibility. Cloud-based solutions can offer improved scalability, allowing businesses to quickly adapt to changing demands and reducing the need for on-site infrastructure.

5. Fostering collaboration with technology providers: RACO Investment recommends forming strategic partnerships with technology providers specializing in maritime communication solutions to address connectivity challenges. These collaborations can enable businesses to access cutting-edge technology and receive expert guidance on implementing suitable solutions tailored to their specific needs.

6. Investing in staff training: Finally, RACO Investment emphasizes the importance of staff training to ensure employees are well-versed in utilizing new technologies and communication systems. This can help maritime businesses maximize the benefits of their technology investments and maintain seamless operations in challenging environments.

Randall Castillo Ortega, the founder of RACO Investment, has expressed his commitment to helping maritime businesses overcome the hurdles they face in remote and low bandwidth environments. At RACO Investment, we understand the unique challenges faced by maritime businesses and their mobile workforces. Our goal is to provide them with the necessary financial support and guidance to implement innovative solutions that enhance connectivity, efficiency, and overall operational success, said Ortega.

RACO Investments dedication to empowering businesses in Panama and Costa Rica and its extensive experience in providing financial support and strategic advice places the firm in a strong position to help maritime businesses navigate the complexities of operating in remote and low bandwidth environments. RACO Investment aims to contribute to its long-term growth and success by addressing these businesses connectivity and efficiency challenges.

About RACO Investment

RACO Investment is a financial investment firm supporting small- and medium-sized businesses in Panama and Costa Rica. Established by Randall Castillo Ortega, an accomplished financial advisor with deep connections to the Latin American import and export sectors, the firm has played a crucial role in empowering numerous startups with the financial backing they require to launch. Additionally, RACO Investment provides bridge loans to assist companies seeking to restructure or enhance their operations.

Corinium Presents: CDAO Singapore

Corinium’s Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO) Singapore returns for its 2023 edition to convene and to connect leading data and analytics executives, innovators, technologist, and business leaders with one goal in mind – to strategize and achieve data success within your organisation.

ACN Newswire will join CDAO Singapore 2023 as its official media partner.

Data and analytics are an integral part of every successful business, and its role has risen to become more prominent and significant over the past year. Businesses leverage data to make critical business decisions to gain a competitive edge in the market. However, data and analytics leaders are constantly facing challenges from the sheer amount of data being collected and analysing it in real-time. Data leaders also need to adhere to governance and ethics and keep up with the speed of innovation, evolving customers’ expectations, and changing talent market.

2023 Key Themes:
– Infrastructure, Governance, Ethics, Privacy – Upgrading infrastructure and integrating legacy and incumbent system, and a look into operationalising data governance to ensure security, privacy, and ethical use of data and AI
– Data Strategy and Democratization – Preparing proactively for easy access to data, unlocking the true value of data, and using data as an enabler of growth and innovation
– The Future of AI in Analytics – Exploring how we have been using AI, how AI is shaping the future of analytics, and how to balance the wide use of AI with efficiency, productivity, and of course, ethics
– Data Monetisation – Increasing revenue using data and a look into how data is paving a way for new products, services, and process improvement

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Japan – MHI Group Presents “Best Innovation 2022” Awards for Activities that Contribute to Mitigating Impacts on the Global Environment

Press Release

Reorganizing Hitachi High-Tech Solutions to Strengthen Capabilities for Solving Social Infrastructure Issues
Feb 16, 2023 14:31 JST

サステナブルな旅という視点からみた CNN「The Journey Matters」の東京探検
2023年02月16日 11時00分

Three partners build a demonstration system for CO2NNEX for e-methane, a digital platform for visualizing CO2 emissions across e-methane value chain and transferring e-methane’s environmental value
Feb 15, 2023 11:17 JST

Three partners build a demonstration system for CO2NNEX for e-methane, a digital platform for visualizing CO2 emissions across e-methane value chain and transferring e-methane’s environmental value
Feb 15, 2023 11:17 JST

Three partners build a demonstration system for CO2NNEX for e-methane, a digital platform for visualizing CO2 emissions across e-methane value chain and transferring e-methane’s environmental value
Feb 15, 2023 11:17 JST

MHIEC Builds a New Waste-to-Energy Plant with 194 Tons Per Day-Capacity in Konan City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Feb 14, 2023 09:27 JST

NEC successfully demonstrated Multi-Vendor Near-RT RIC Integration in O-RAN Global PlugFest 2022
Feb 13, 2023 15:11 JST

RWE, LOTTE CHEMICAL Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation enter into a Joint Study Agreement to develop a clean ammonia project in Port of Corpus Christi in Texas, USA
Feb 08, 2023 16:37 JST

inter airport Southeast Asia 2023 returns in March; exhibition completely sold out after four-year hiatus
Feb 16, 2023 17:35 JST
Feb 16, 2023 16:30 JST
Feb 16, 2023 15:30 JST
NEC launches Value Added xHaul Solution Suite with Open Ecosystem
Feb 16, 2023 16:15 JST
Reorganizing Hitachi High-Tech Solutions to Strengthen Capabilities for Solving Social Infrastructure Issues
Feb 16, 2023 14:31 JST
Feb 16, 2023 13:30 JST
三菱重工、グループ表彰制度「Best Innovation」で地球環境負荷低減に貢献する活動を表彰
Feb 16, 2023 12:30 JST
サステナブルな旅という視点からみた CNN「The Journey Matters」の東京探検
Feb 16, 2023 11:00 JST
サステナブルな旅という視点からみた CNN「The Journey Matters」の東京探検
Feb 16, 2023 11:00 JST
MHI Group Presents “Best Innovation 2022” Awards for Activities that Contribute to Mitigating Impacts on the Global Environment
Feb 16, 2023 10:35 JST
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Vego Garden Presents 3 Reasons to Start a Vegetable Garden in 2023

 Vego Garden’s objective is to redefine increased yard beds. The company was started with the goal of launching a modular steel Vego Garden bed system with a 20+ year life expectancy, making use of green steel materials instead of cutting down trees. People are nearing the start of yet another new year, and they may already be pondering the ways in which they can make 2023 better than the last. People have got an idea – why not start growing a vegetable garden? Starting a vegetable garden can help them live happier, eat healthier and reduce stress in people’s life. People will explore three reasons why starting a vegetable garden could be for this.

1. Stress Relief
2. Food Independence
3. Healthy Eating

Stress Relief

Do people know what’s a great way to unwind? Gardening. Really, people can’t emphasize this one enough. They don’t have to have a green thumb or even be particularly outdoorsy to enjoy the benefits of tending their own garden—a little bit of sunshine and fresh air does wonder for stress relief. And if they do consider themself an expert gardener, well then, they got all the more reason to celebrate.

Whether people are doing it for fun or as part of their meditation practice, gardening is a great way to take some time out from their busy lives and find some calm in nature.

Food Independence

If they want to be more self-sufficient and grow some of their own food, then a garden is a great place to start. They can plant vegetables that are easy to grow, like lettuce or radishes, or get adventurous with beans or tomatoes. The more they get into gardening, the more self-sufficient they’ll feel. They can start saving money by growing their own herbs and spices too, which means less wasted food in landfills and a greener planet.

Healthy Eating

They know the value of eating healthy, but it’s hard to do when they are on a budget. The good news is that vegetables can be cheaper than other types of food, and they are often more nutritious as well.

When they eat fresh produce from their own garden, they know exactly what went into growing it—and that makes all the difference in how their body will react to it. They feel better, look better, and have more energy throughout the day because their diet is balanced with vitamins and minerals that come from plants rather than processed junk food (or meat).

However, the benefits don’t stop there, though — gardening also has many physical health benefits as well. Gardening can help improve their physical fitness and strength by getting them moving while working in their yard, as well as reducing stress levels (which can have an impact on their overall health).

So if they are looking for a healthy way to reduce stress and eat more vegetables, consider starting a garden. If they have the space, there’s no better way than to grow their own food.

Vego Garden
Sarah Mohalley
(866) 597-1888



  • Landscaping & Gardening

IFFI 53 presents the first feature film in Indian film history to have a star cast comprising only indigenous people

Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

azadi ka amrit mahotsav

IFFI 53 presents the first feature film in Indian film history to have a star cast comprising only indigenous people

Get inspired by ‘Dhabari Quruvi’, the tale of the rise of a tribal phoenix from the ashes

Posted On:
11 NOV 2022 7:26PM by PIB Mumbai

#IFFIWood, 11 November 2022

She rises from the ashes, to fearlessly proclaim the exclusive right she has on her body and the decisions involving it. Yes, you would not want to miss the chance to be inspired, by the elevating story of girls belonging to a tribal community in Kerala.

The fascinating story is brought to us by ‘Dhabari Quruvi‘, the first film in the history of Indian cinema to star only people from indigenous communities. Directed by National Award-winning filmmaker Priyanandan, the film also has the distinction of having been shot completely in the tribal language of Irula.

The film is being presented at the 53rd edition of the International Film Festival of India, which is set to open in Goa on 20th November, 2022. And yes, the 104-minute-long feature film is all set to have its world premiere in the Indian Panorama section of IFFI.

Portrayal of indigenous people in Indian cinema has often been criticised for its failure to look beyond stereotypes. Amidst a cinematic tradition and culture which may not have done justice to the true identity and culture of tribal peoples, Dhabari Quruvi is expected to stand out as a candle spreading founts of newfound hope and inspiration. Set against the background of tribal rituals and culture, the film invites viewers to join the tempestuous journey of a tribal girl as she battles convention and seeks to free herself from the chains with which society had tied her lot.

In Irula language, Dhabari Quruvi means ‘a sparrow with an unknown father’. The mythological bird, which is part of the tribal folklore, captures the untold tales of the unseen people who suffer quietly, who yearn to break the shackles of injustice, whose agonies and struggles the film seeks to bring to light.

So, who are the actors who bestow the film with the honour of having a unique star cast? They are around sixty people, belonging to Irula, Muduka, Kurumba and Vaduka tribal communities of Attappadi, a scheduled tribe hamlet of the southern Indian state of Kerala. Quite a few of them had not ever seen a film in their entire life.

The actors were selected from an acting workshop conducted at Attappadi in which around 150 people participated. Meenakshi, Shyamini, Anuprasobhini and Muruki play main roles in the film. The cast also includes Nanjiyamma, the tribal woman from Attappady who got the 68th National Film Award for Best Female Singer last year.

Dhabari Quruvi has bagged URF world record for being the only feature film starring only tribals. The film has also been selected to the International Film Festival of Kerala.

Producer: Ajith Vinayaka Films, Aevas Visual Magic Private Limited

Screenplay:  Priyanandanan, Kuppuswamy M, Smitha Sailesh, K.B. Hari and Lijo Panadan.

Cinematographer: Aswaghoshan

Editor: Ekalavyan

Don’t miss this unique film at IFFI 53. It is set to touch delegates’ hearts on November 24, 9.30 AM onwards, @ INOX Panjim Audi 2.

* * *

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