Top Of The Line Publishing has been so fortunate to share the many experiences and constant exchanges with its subscribers. TOTLP has found the influence and the creative space to allow this vision (and the many more to come) to materialize. So, it is essential for TOTLP to first thank its subscribers for their invaluable patience and support.

Through personal features and in-depth interviews F.I.L.E. (Formerly Incarcerated Living Effectively) magazine discusses the challenges that men and women face post incarceration and how these men and women have overcome such challenges.

F.I.L.E.’s goals in presenting these personal stories are first to inspire, motivate, and encourage those who are currently incarcerated. Secondly, to identity the most common challenge that stands in the way of the formerly incarcerated successful re-integration back into society.

F.I.L.E. Magazine is available in both digital and print.

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