Extremis Publishing Named Independent Publishing Company of the Year for Second Consecutive Year

 Extremis Publishing is delighted to announce that it has been named Independent Publishing Company of the Year at the Scotland Prestige Awards for the second time. The prize for 2022/23 was conferred by Osmaan Mahmood, CEO and Founder of Fenice Media which operates the Prestige Awards, to Extremis Publishing’s directors Julie Christie and Tom Christie at the Norton House Hotel in Edinburgh on Sunday 16th October. It marks the second consecutive year that Extremis Publishing has won the award.

The Scotland Prestige Awards aim to celebrate the work of businesses which provide persistently accomplished products to the market in which they are situated, and the judging panel based their decisions upon areas such as service excellence, quality of the products and services provided, innovative practices, value, ethical and sustainable methods of working, and consistency in performance.

Extremis Publishing is an independent publishing house based in the Central Scotland city of Stirling. The company is dedicated to producing the highest quality of non-fiction in the subject areas of the arts, media and culture, and is committed to the delivery of a publishing programme which is innovative, original and wide-reaching. In addition to publishing new writing, the company also produces a number of video features and a monthly podcast to help the public get to know more about its authors. Since the business started, it has published books on subjects as diverse as popular culture, modern cinema history, Scottish road trips, cultural history, archaeology, travel writing, and many other topics besides.

Founded by brother and sister publishing team Tom and Julie Christie in 2015, Extremis Publishing was started with the intention of producing books that were different, eclectic, quirky, and never run of the mill. This included encouraging new authors of any age, all of whom had an interesting story that deserved to be told. They would describe their approach as author-focused, unconventional, and innovative. The company arranges author events and book signings which are publicised via the company’s social media channels as well as on their website news page.

“Winning this award means so much to us,” said Dr. Tom Christie, one of the company’s directors. “We are very thankful to the Scotland Prestige Awards for recognising our work, and of course the contribution of the authors who work with us throughout the year. It’s what makes it all worthwhile.”

Extremis Publishing continued to produce new titles throughout the recent coronavirus pandemic, and has plans for many forthcoming books with a variety of authors both established and brand new. The company would like to thank all of their business associates, from the writers they work with through to everyone who attends their public launches and events. For more information about Extremis Publishing and its catalogue of books, please visit the company’s website at: https://www.extremispublishing.com

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New Bishins Publishing Book Debunks Idea of Fair and Efficient Social Security Program

 Former Social Security attorney Spencer Bishins demystifies the complex Social Security disability system in this new release. The author reveals the inner workings of the disability system, explaining how the system works – and doesn’t. This book explores what claimants go through, delves into the complexities of the Social Security regulations, explains why the regulations make it so difficult to file and win a disability case, and highlights how the Agency incentivizes Judges to deny claims.

Bishins writes, “Part of my job was to conduct reviews of hearing offices or Judges… paying too many cases. That’s right, paying too many cases. I don’t remember ever reviewing a Judge who was denying too many cases.”

The book also explains what claimants can do to improve their chances of success. The book highlights what kinds of evidence are needed for different types of impairments, why getting medical care is not always synonymous with proving a disability claim, and why claimants often find it so difficult to get the care they need.

He confirms that, “SSA requires claimants to have almost no income, and yet penalizes someone for not seeking sufficient medical care, even if that person was not seeking care because, with almost no income, they could not afford it. No wonder SSA finds that so many people don’t have sufficient medical evidence to prove they are disabled!”

The book ends with a recommendation on how to improve the delivery of public benefits in the United States through the use of a Universal Basic Income (UBI). The book explains why this is the best way to provide consistent income, especially during a pandemic or other national crises.

Spencer Bishins has a J.D. from Florida State University and a MS in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics. He worked at the Social Security Administration for over 10 years, writing and reviewing thousands of disability decisions. He is an attorney, licensed to practice law in Florida and Washington State.

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The role of publishing in tackling the climate catastrophe


Climate change continues to be at the forefront of many of our minds—not least because Earth Day on April 22—an annual event focus on driving awareness and action around climate change—is fast approaching. News about the environment and the challenges facing it are rarely out of the headlines. Indeed, the Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres recently warned that we were sleepwalking to a climate catastrophe,’ as global emissions continue to increase at an alarming rate. 

Such a significant issue requires collaboration and a global response. It requires individuals and organizations alike to consider the areas that are within their control to change. I have previously spoken about the steps OUP as an organization is taking to reduce its impact on the environment. We, like many others in our position, are actively taking the time to understand our impact worldwide and implement strategies to reduce it in the long-term.

But there is another piece of the puzzle where I believe OUP plays a crucial role in the battle against climate change: generating understanding around the topic through our education and research resources. One of the ways that we are doing this is by bringing together our communities to explore the matter so that collectively, we can drive change.

Earlier this month, our ELT division ran the world’s largest online English Language Teaching conference, ELTOC 2022. ELTOC is a virtual conference for teachers, aimed at supporting teachers’ development and understanding, and subsequently improve the learning experience for students. Now taking place once a quarter, each ELTOC event has a different, relevant theme—and the focus for the first event of 2022 was climate action and digital learning.

As Harry Walter—one of the conference speakers, and a teacher at Renewable English—said, ‘it is becoming increasingly important that today’s language teachers are well-equipped to teach and communicate on an issue that will continue to be one of our biggest challenges as a society.’

Whatever the context in which people are learning, it will be much more effective if it is relevant to the world around us, and the problems we face. This is something that was reinforced by our recent global research into the future of science education; it highlighted that currently, science education isn’t fit for the future, largely because it doesn’t adequately teach students about climate change.

I’m pleased that, at OUP, we continue to look for ways to create content and resources that aren’t just relevant and informative, but that generate conversation on topics that really matter. And I’m proud that these resources span all areas of our business.

Aside from ELTOC, we consistently look for opportunities to explore climate change through our educational and reading resources. As a signatory to the SDG Publishers Compact, we have made a commitment to raise awareness about social and environmental issues through our content.

For example, our series, Max Takes a Stand, follows the adventures of Max as he strives to save the planet. Additionally, our newer ELT courses have an increased focus on climate action, building on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The courses aim to engage students around solutions to climate change, while helping them to learn the relevant language on the topic. And the Oxford English Dictionary team recently put together lesson plans and worksheets to help teachers to effectively teach about the language of climate change, as well as working with the British Council on a new podcast series around the climate crisis and language education.

In our Academic division, last year we launched Oxford Open Climate Change—an interdisciplinary journal that covers all aspects of climate change; its impact on our world, as well as solutions to the problem. We also publish a title on the subject as part of our What Everyone Needs to Know series, providing insights into the science of climate change and its implications.

These are just a handful of examples of how else we are committing to tackle climate change. Because while we know we have a responsibility as an organization to reduce our environmental impact, we recognize the broader role we play in helping others to understand the issue. The more we can inform, inspire, and share knowledge, the more we can hope to contribute to tackling the climate catastrophe.

Extremis Publishing Explores the Quirkiest and Most Unusual Attractions of the Heart 200 Route

 Extremis Publishing is pleased to announce the release of a new travel publication by Thomas A. Christie and Julie Christie. “Secrets and Mysteries of the Heart 200 Route,” is a colour guide to Scotland’s famous Heart 200 route with a difference: it covers many of the most interesting and unusual stories from the area, accompanied by full-page illustrations, to highlight the surprises which lie in wait for visitors to the area as well as seasoned guests to Scotland.

Launched in 2019, the Heart 200 road trip around Stirlingshire and Perthshire boasts some of the best-known sights in all of the country, with the towns and villages around the route containing centuries of culture and history. These include famous settlements such as Pitlochry, Kinross, Blairgowrie, Dunkeld, Dunblane, and many others. But that is only to scratch the surface of a much larger story; the lesser-known enigmas and hidden treasures of the Heart 200 – the places that the tour guides rarely take people – are less regularly encountered. In “Secrets and Mysteries of the Heart 200 Route,” visitors are invited to discover some unanticipated revelations about locations all around this epic road trip, both ancient and modern. The authors have ensured that there are historical surprises and supernatural mysteries within, offering quirky sights and more than a few unexpected facts along the way.

Julie Christie, the book’s co-author, is eager to emphasise that this is a product launch with a difference. “This is an area of Scotland with so much to offer, we wanted to invite our readers to encounter some of the most unusual facts about the region in the hope that we might even be able to surprise residents. We cover phenomena such as the first haggis in space, Mary Queen of Scots’ secret private chapel and many hidden architectural gems of the region. As we live and work in Stirlingshire, nothing would make us happier than the prospect of inviting new guests to come to the area and enjoy its attractions.”

Her enthusiasm is shared by her co-author, Dr Thomas Christie, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts who has spent years studying popular culture and has written widely on the subject. “With this new book, we aimed to uncover the astonishing cultural and literary connections which exist around the Central Scotland area, as well as its historical significance. In the process we visited some of the most remarkable hidden corners in all of Scotland, and naturally we were keen to share our findings with readers. Even seasoned guests who may have thought they knew everything about Heart 200 might find that they will reconsider their opinion, as we have uncovered a number of little-known urban legends in addition to modern additions to the area. There are so many sites of interest which lie just off the beaten track, and we hope to encourage visitors to see these remarkable curiosities for themselves.”

The book is the second collaboration between this brother and sister publishing team, whose previous book together – 2020’s “The Heart 200 Book” – was the first published guide to the iconic Scottish touring route. Working in collaboration with the Heart 200 team, and many companies and organisations throughout the area, their new book promises something of interest for everyone who is coming to see the region and encourages them to seek out its many attractions while travelling through the area. Extremis Publishing is an independent publishing house based in Stirling which specialises in arts, media and culture non-fiction. Earlier this year it was named Independent Publishing Company of the Year at the Corporate LiveWire Scotland Prestige Awards 2021/22.

“Secrets and Mysteries of the Heart 200 Route” is set to release on Tuesday, 30 November 2021. More information about the book can be found on the Extremis Publishing website at: https://www.extremispublishing.com/secrets-and-mysteries-of-the-heart-200-route.html

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Top Of The Line Publishing, LLC Presents F.I.L.E. (Formerly Incarcerated Living Effectively) Magazine

 Top Of The Line Publishing has been so fortunate to share the many experiences and constant exchanges with its subscribers. TOTLP has found the influence and the creative space to allow this vision (and the many more to come) to materialize. So, it is essential for TOTLP to first thank its subscribers for their invaluable patience and support.

Through personal features and in-depth interviews F.I.L.E. (Formerly Incarcerated Living Effectively) magazine discusses the challenges that men and women face post incarceration and how these men and women have overcome such challenges.

F.I.L.E.’s goals in presenting these personal stories are first to inspire, motivate, and encourage those who are currently incarcerated. Secondly, to identity the most common challenge that stands in the way of the formerly incarcerated successful re-integration back into society.

F.I.L.E. Magazine is available in both digital and print.

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