Former Social Security attorney Spencer Bishins demystifies the complex Social Security disability system in this new release. The author reveals the inner workings of the disability system, explaining how the system works – and doesn’t. This book explores what claimants go through, delves into the complexities of the Social Security regulations, explains why the regulations make it so difficult to file and win a disability case, and highlights how the Agency incentivizes Judges to deny claims.

Bishins writes, “Part of my job was to conduct reviews of hearing offices or Judges… paying too many cases. That’s right, paying too many cases. I don’t remember ever reviewing a Judge who was denying too many cases.”

The book also explains what claimants can do to improve their chances of success. The book highlights what kinds of evidence are needed for different types of impairments, why getting medical care is not always synonymous with proving a disability claim, and why claimants often find it so difficult to get the care they need.

He confirms that, “SSA requires claimants to have almost no income, and yet penalizes someone for not seeking sufficient medical care, even if that person was not seeking care because, with almost no income, they could not afford it. No wonder SSA finds that so many people don’t have sufficient medical evidence to prove they are disabled!”

The book ends with a recommendation on how to improve the delivery of public benefits in the United States through the use of a Universal Basic Income (UBI). The book explains why this is the best way to provide consistent income, especially during a pandemic or other national crises.

Spencer Bishins has a J.D. from Florida State University and a MS in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics. He worked at the Social Security Administration for over 10 years, writing and reviewing thousands of disability decisions. He is an attorney, licensed to practice law in Florida and Washington State.

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