Faith, the Universe, and science take center stage in A J Dailey’s interplanetary novel.


The story follows George Stayley, a young scientist on a mission to uncover mysterious forces of the Universe–Energy and Matter. After years of searching, God has revealed the path to their discovery to the ’Born-again Christian.’ He can detect and harness vast amounts of energy and information while operating alone in complete secrecy. His revelations lead to his plans for the human species, which include mass migration to far-flung planets and the abolition of all forms of violence, bigotry, and terrorism. He sees that Jesus’ one-on-one interactions with his disciples are true conversions. The act of the Lord has an irreversible effect on the believer’s life.


The first stage of a two-part Christian Exodus gets underway.


Parts One and Two are compiled in this edition of the book. A. J. Dailey tells a narrative that combines faith and science, and he demonstrates that science and faith may coexist without demonizing either one. A J Dailey achieves balance and a fascinating tale that allows readers to embark on an interplanetary adventure with George in search of the promised worlds.


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“A Christian Exodus to the Promised Worlds”

Author: A. J. Dailey

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: May 2022

Book Genre: Religion & Spirituality


About the Author:

Archie (A.J.) Dailey

Veteran – WWII, Korean, German Occupation

Education – Engineer

Occupation – Sales and Installation-Public Seating (Posterior Engineer)

Retired – 2011

Wrote first novel – July, 2016.

Married 1955 to Patricia Tidwell.

Four boys

Four grandchildren

Five Great grandchildren, and counting.