“The Lady of Esterbrooke” is a story about a young couple as they begin their journey through life. It all began on Esterbrooke Plantation where she unexpectedly meets the love of her life and takes them through old age. They grow in their faith and love as the years go by, and they learn to adapt and cherish each other. They raised their children to respect their spiritual faith and to love animals.

This story brings them through the courtship, their offspring, and into old age together. Their faith and the fact that they put Christ first in their marriage keeps them strong. They grew fond of horses, cats, and donkeys that are on the plantation. And as they watch their children grow and share their moral values as they went into adulthood and beyond.

Read the book to follow their story and experience their journey to life till the very end. Get ready to be in love and be inspired.

Book available at https://annworshamphillips.com/

The Lady of Esterbrooke: Loves Journey Through Time
Author: Ann W. Phillips
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: January 2021
Genre: Historical Romance
Target Audience: Anyone who likes to read.

About the Author
Ann W. Phillips was born on Estherville Plantation in Georgetown, South Carolina. Her dad was the caretaker of that plantation at the time. He was a self-taught watch and clock repairman, he put down wells and he worked on the railroad trestle, her dad and mom were hard working, God-fearing, honest people. They were never rich in earthly treasures but rich in what really mattered. Her dad and mom were animal lovers and they taught, her brother and her, to respect nature. She had a dream childhood filled with love and respect.

Ann married her husband, Stephen Lamar Phillips in 1963 and they moved to Mount Pleasant, S. C. where she still resides. They had two great children, Cheryl and Stephen. She worked as a baker and then school lunchroom manager and wrote stories in her spare time. She finally decided to publish her children’s book, “Friends are Everywhere,” then she wrote “The Lady of Esterbrooke,” after her husband of fifty years passed away. Her dad had been a caretaker of so many plantations while she was growing up, that she decided to use a plantation as her story’s backdrop. She is now living with her crazy cat, Charlie and working on her third novel. Her books include the two mentioned and “A Dude Ranch Mystery” and “A Betrayal of Love.” Both of these books are thrillers.