Celebrate Older Americans Month with The Gateway Family YMCA

 In honor of Older Americans Month this May, The Gateway Family YMCA and Shaping Eastern Union County will be hosting a series of free community educational Virtual Presentations, YMCA Chronic Disease Self-Management programs, wellness opportunities and social events. Individual event listings and registration information is available at www.tgfymca.org/events.

Free community registration for all individual events and virtual sessions is available at www.tgfymca.org/events. In addition to these community events, The YMCA suggests individuals check with their health insurance regarding programs and options that may be available to cover the costs of a Y membership or provide incentives for participation.

“The YMCA is a place where everyone can participate, get healthy and make new friends, even virtually,” stated Melynda A. Mileski, EVP/COO, The Gateway Family YMCA. “We have served communities in Eastern Union County and Northern Middlesex County since 1900, and understand the unique needs of those who may need a little extra support in their wellness journey. The YMCA is here for all.”

The Virtual WISE Adult Services program provides specialized support for individual, families and caregivers living with dementia, Alzheimer’s or mild cognitive impairment. For more information, contact Susan Butler, Director at wiseinfo@tgfymca.org or 908-349-9622.

The Gateway Family YMCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, health and community service organization of caring staff and volunteers dedicated to strengthening the foundations of community and stands For Youth Development, For Healthy Living and For Social Responsibility. The Gateway Family YMCA impacts the community by providing quality services to people of all ages, races, faith or incomes. The Y doesn’t just strengthen bodies – it strengthens people, families and communities.

Shaping Eastern Union County is committed to improving the health and well-being of county residents and creating strategies to support improved health, nutrition and physical activity for all. The Shaping Eastern Union County Initiative is sponsored by the County of Union.

For more information about programs and services provided by The Gateway Family YMCA, visit www.tgfymca.org or contact 908-349-9622.

“The global coronavirus pandemic has brought unique challenges to our senior population, exacerbating chronic disease, social isolation, mental health and obesity rates based on multiple recent studies,” stated Krystal R. Canady, CEO, The Gateway Family YMCA. “At The Gateway Family YMCA, we found a bright spot in the consistency, community and support we have been able to build within our virtual programs and events, especially within this group of community participants.”

Virtual programs will be facilitated by Susan Butler, Director of WISE Community Services at The Gateway Family YMCA, and offered to the community utilizing Zoom.

The Gateway Family YMCA

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Celebrate the Grand Finale of Ramadan with Kebabs and Haleem at San:Qi at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

Mumbai, India – WEBWIRE

As people come together to celebrate, Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai invites one and all to come home to San:Qi to celebrate the last week of Ramadan and the joyous feast of Eid-ul-Fitr. Chef Anil Naudiyal presents a sumptuous celebratory menu paying homage to two stellar items from the kitchens of the Nizams of Hyderabad, popularly served as iftari, or an Eid meal: kebabs and haleems.           

A wholesome stew made of wheat, barley, lentils and optionally meat, haleem is a sumptuous preparation known to be best prepared in the courts of royalty. Four Seasons chefs take on this much-loved preparation and showcase their skills with a range of haleems on offer. While kebabs are well-known and appreciated by the regular guests of San:Qi, this special menu presents items such as quintessential Shikampuri kebabs, a speciality from the region, along with a range of flavourful breads such as khameeri naan and taftan. As always, the menu features star desserts such as khubhani ka meetha, to complete the indulgence.

This limited-edition festive menu will be available for lunch and dinner until May 4, 2022 at the award-winning restaurant San:Qi at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, as well as deliveries. For more information, call +91 22 2481 8000 or +91 77100 33143.

Celebrate National First Ladies Day on April 30

 Who is your favorite First Lady and why?

The National First Ladies Day Commission (nfldc) announced that National First Ladies Day will be observed this year on Saturday, April 30. National First Ladies Day is celebrated on the last Saturday of April every year to honor all First Ladies of the United States. The National First Ladies Day Commission is made up of The Society of Presidential Descendants, National First Ladies’ Library, historians, and community builders to celebrate a day of service honoring all First Ladies.

This day commemorates the founding First Lady of the United States in conjunction with the inauguration of President George Washington on April 30, 1789. The last Saturday of April is a day to recognize the role first ladies have played in molding our nation. American citizens share love and reverence for First Ladies who valiantly and selflessly served their husbands while both serving their country and the American people.

This day is a day of community service honoring all First Ladies or a specific First Lady of the volunteer’s choosing. The Commission has the support of many presidential descendants and several experts on the American First Ladies.

Since 1789, a first lady or hostess has accompanied every president. Starting with Martha Washington, first ladies have helped set a tone in the highest office of the land. Even the country’s only bachelor president, James Buchannan, required someone to act as hostess. Harriet Lane, the president’s niece, stepped into the role of the first lady. She presented a well-ordered White House with tact and grace. Lane isn’t the only relative to serve in the role of the first lady. Several other presidents held office as widowers requiring someone to step into the role as a de facto first lady, too.

While they aren’t elected, many of them campaign alongside their spouse. Others have served as elected or appointed officials in many different capacities. In addition to serving as the hostess of the White House, the first lady is elected or appointed to ceremonial roles, such as honorary president of the Girl Scouts or the Committee for the Preservation of the White House. First ladies are educated, activists, advocates and nurturers.

Tradition of Service

While nearly every first lady since Martha Washington has been dedicated to a charitable cause, Lady Bird Johnson made it a formal platform. Since then, the country has come to expect the next first lady to continue the tradition of service to the nation.

First Ladies and Spring Traditions

Spring is a time of celebration and tradition led by first ladies over the years. Since the first cherry blossom planting in 1912 by First Lady Helen Herron Taft, the National Cherry Blossom Festival, which takes place in spring when the blossoms are in full bloom, has become a major event, drawing tourists and locals alike to Washington DC, and communities around the nation. First ladies have supported the cherry blossom celebrations and typically serve as Honorary Chairs of the festival.

How to Observe #FirstLadiesDay

Join the conversation on National First Ladies Day. Schools and communities are encouraged to celebrate the day with events and programs. Participants can, learn more about the women who’ve set tradition, supported the president, and become role models for many by reading memoirs, touring museums, or watching documentaries about the first ladies. Have you met a first lady or two? Share your experiences or how you think the first lady role will change over time. For more facts read 7 Fascinating First Lady Facts to learn more.

Participants can also:

Promote – Spread the word about First Ladies Day through social media, educational events, local media, or sharing across your networks. Use #FirstLadiesDay when you do.

Support – Organize a National First Ladies Day activity in your school, organization, or community, or donate to a Civic Education organization.

Volunteer – Celebrate the First Ladies by participating in a service project in your area.

The day is an occasion to showcase service in action. Highlight the community service opportunities in communities and demonstrate the results of community service projects. Show service in action in communities, local governments, schools, and organizations. Celebrate National First Ladies Day by using #FirstLadiesDay on social media.

Media Contact:

Massee McKinley, Vice-President & Chief of Staff, Society of Presidential Descendants



The National First Ladies Day Commission is made up of The Society of Presidential Descendants, National First Ladies’ Library, historians, and community builders to celebrate a day of service honoring all First Ladies of the United States. The Society of Presidential Descendants are individuals with a direct lineage to Presidents of the United States. The National First Ladies Library is the foremost repository of scholarly research and information and a leader in education about the First Ladies of the USA. We work collaboratively to recognize the vast contributions of the First Ladies of the United States.

National First Ladies’ Library

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National First Ladies Day Press Release


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NCPCR To Celebrate Pariksha Parv 4.0 From 11th April To 31stMay, 2022

Taking inspiration from Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi’s “Pariksha Pe Charcha”, and continuing its endeavor towards making examinations a joyful activity, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) will be celebrating Pariksha Parv- 4.0 from 11th April, 2022 to 31st May, 2022. NCPCR has been celebrating exams with its campaign ‘Pariksha Parv’ since 2019, intending to change the outlook of children towards exams stress and overcome their anxiety before exam result at a platform.

Pariksha Parv 4.0 is an endeavor for providing a platform for students, parents and teachers to share their thoughts and get guidance and important tips from the experts. In stressful times, talking about and sharing the uneasy and confusing thoughts would help mitigate stress and anxiety of students to a great extent.

This year, a multi-pronged approach shall be followed with the objective of reaching out to teachers and parents in addition to children. Pariksha Parv4.0 will include the following activities:

i)      Live streaming sessions from 11th April, 2022 to 31st May, 2022 on Facebook,Twitter,YouTube of NCPCR and YouTube of Doordarshan National and New India Junction to enable students to interact with experts to reduce their exam stress and worries before exam results.

ii)  SAMVEDNA- (1800-121-2830) is a toll-free Tele counseling service of NCPCR by trained Counsellors for COVID related stress which will now be extended for students to cope up with exam and result related queries, stress and anxiety. 



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Celebrate Women’s History Month on Twitch!


Women Creators are at the core of what makes Twitch, Twitch. From epic competition to next level artistry, or from all of the “wait, how did she do that?” moments, to the fun times in chat, women are building incredible communities on the platform every single day. Not to mention effortlessly inspiring us all while doing it. Without women, Twitch just wouldn’t be Twitch. 

This March, get ready to tune in alllll month long as we spotlight hundreds of Women Creators on the Women’s History Month Shelf. Never knew you were into puzzling? Meet ijustlovepuzzles. Or food from Final Fantasy XIV? Check out ARecipeReborn. Discover that new weird-amazing-awe inspiring thing on Twitch this month. 

Get ready to shout out

On International Women’s Day, March 8th, we’ll be retweeting as many people as we can who shout out Women Creators who make Twitch what it is. All you have to do is tweet #ItsNotTwitchWithout @CreatorName + a few kind words about their amazing, inspirational channel. 

What else is going on?

On March 26th and 27th, The Frame Fatales are celebrating women in gaming, comradery, and friendship with the Game of the Month Mini Marathon. Every month the Frame Fatales pick a game to speedrun together, this month they’ll be bringing you together to check out what they’ve played over the past few years.

Twitch Women’s Alliance Events 

Just one year ago, the Twitch Women’s Alliance (TWA) pilot program was announced with the goal of supporting and empowering all Twitch partners who are women, non-binary, or belong to marginalized genders, through initiatives that increase representation on Twitch, educational and social programs, and a dedicated support network. In celebration of TWA’s one year anniversary, and in recognition of all TWA members, every TWA member will be included on the Women’s History Month Shelf on the Front Page. You can check out some of the members you’ll see on the TWA Twitch team. Check out some of the events we’ll be hosting this month below. 

Women in Tech: GIFBot Programming – March 7 (6pm – 8pm PST)

Principal Software Engineer, Fiercekittenz hosts a casual discussion about the trials and challenges she has faced and overcome as a women in tech as she works to correct the biases that exist about women in engineering fields – all while programming her own Twitch bot and sharing her 20+ years of experience in the game industry.

Channel: fiercekittenz (/fiercekittenz)

Women in the Gaming Industry Panel – March 16 (9am PST)

Azuki leads this discussion with fellow content Creators, esports shoutcasters, and other women in the gaming industry as they share do’s and don’ts for working in gaming, share their experience during a live Q&A, and explore the challenges they have faced as they continue to promote gender equity and inclusivity in the gaming industry. This packed panel features: BreadWitchery, BBXH, Smexi, katiepeircee, leilafoxnation, HappyKrakenX, and j0toro!

Channel: Azuki (/Azuki)

The Lass Project March Marathon – March 24-28 (12pm PST)

The Lass Project is an initiative to bring together and highlight women and non-binary Creators in the Pokemon Community! From March 24th – March 28th, join over 30 Twitch streamers as StephOfAnime kicks off a raid train in a marathon showcase of competitive Pokemon battlers, Speedrunners, Shiny Hunters, Pokemon-Bakers and much more all benefiting the American Heart Association! 

Channel: StephOfAnime (/stephofanime)

Join a good cause 

Stream for Dreams

Support women on Twitch by fundraising for the 1,000 Dreams Fund BroadcastHER Grant, open to women Affiliates and Partners. Since its launch during our inaugural Women’s History Month in 2018 the 1,000 Dreams Fund BroadcastHER Grant has raised over $400k and awarded 300 grants to women and femme identifying Affiliates and Partners.

Sign-up to Stream for Dreams on Tiltify and check out our Creator Camp article on Charity Streaming for best practices.

Support Women’s Health

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, breast cancer has now surpassed lung cancer as the world’s mostly commonly-diagnosed cancer. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) provides critical funding for cancer research worldwide to fuel advances in tumor biology, genetics, prevention, treatment, metastasis and survivorship.

Join with the other community members and fundraise for International Women’s Day to support women’s health on Tiltify.

It’s a global celebration! 

Starting March 8th, we’ll be kicking off International Women’s Day celebrations across the pond in the  UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, with local front page features for Women Creators throughout the month. We will continue to showcase our incredible Women Creators from these regions on a monthly basis throughout 2022! Check out our local social media channels in these countries for more details on scheduled activities for March 8th. 

And for everyone in Asia Pacific, you’ll be able to find local front page features for Women Creators in Australia & New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand – from March 1st through March 8th. Follow along on our social media pages for ANZ, SG, and TH for more details on local schedules and celebrations.

Celebrate Safely

We want you to have a safe space to connect and celebrate this month, so we’ve enacted enhanced safety protocols and support for participating creators. But of course every stream is unique, so if you’re planning an event or just want to customize your safety settings further, we recommend reviewing the tools and tips on our Safety Center with your Mods.