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Gain more music listeners with AdHang, the best digital marketing agency in Nigeria. With new online music promotion services, bands or music artists could increase their popularity across Nigerian countries.

AdHang, a digital marketing agency in Abuja has announced a new online music promotion service. This new service aims at new bands, single or album launching, music promotion, and many others to attract more listeners, event organizers, and fans. Utilizing updated online promotion strategies, such as social media marketing, article marketing, search engine marketing, influencers, internet display marketing, mobile marketing, and many others, AdHang brings online music promotion in NIgeria to the next level.

“Are you going to release a new single or album in the near future? Or you want to attract new listeners and fans? At AdHang, we present the best online promotion strategies to get your music on the top position of search engines. “ said AdHang’s company representative. Adhang has over ten years in the entertainment promotion industry and the first public enlightenment industry agency in Nigeria.

Promoting a new single or album in Nigeria is not an easy task. With AdHang, a social media marketing agency in Abuja, all music promotion tasks will become easier without hassle, as AdHang focuses on the result for the client’s satisfaction. Nigeria is one of the countries that have the biggest internet users in the world. The country has the highest Internet usage in Africa. According to the research, in 2020, the country has 99.05 million internet users and is predicted to grow to 131.7 million in 2023. With AdHang online promotion service, Hip hop and Reggae artists can gain more music fans or music listeners in Nigeria, as Hip hop and Reggae are the country’s favorite music.

About AdHang

AdHang is the leading digital marketing company in Nigeria. Its new music promotion company in Lagos helps music artists or the entertainment industry promote their new music, increase popularity and sales, or gain more listeners in Nigeria. AdHang has over a decade of experience in digital marketing industries in Nigeria. Online promotion is the best strategy for music artists and bands, as many music listeners follow their favorite singers or bands on the online music platforms such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and many more. AdHang, with over ten years of experience in online music promotion, will enhance the presence of its client on the internet. For more information about online music promotion in Nigeria, please visit